How to use virtualdub

How to use virtualdub

VirtualDub – the powerful tool for editing files of video which allows to make practically any operations with video files in the AVI format. Its interface is quite simple, however in it it is easy to get confused because of a large number of the configured settings.

Downloading and unpacking of VirtualDub

Make downloading of the program from the official site of the developer. After that unpack the received archive by means of the program archiver installed on your computer. Pass into a directory in which you unpacked the program, and start the VirtualDub.exe file, having clicked on it with a left mouse button two times.

Before you the interface which can be conditionally divided into 3 parts will open. The first part is located at the top of a window and is a context menu, the choice of options in which will be carried out for performing any given operation. In the central part of the program the window in which any given video file will be reproduced is located. The control panel of playback and parameters of editing a roller and also information on frame rate video and an indicator of bitrate of an audiotrack is below located.

To open the file for editing click File – Open Video in the field of a context menu of the top part of a window of the program. Select the AVI file and click Open.


Cutting of video files

Often Virtual Dub is used for extraction of fragments of video files. The functionality of the program also allows to reduce record duration. To cut off a single fragment, move the slider of video playback in the necessary situation. After that adjust exact arrangement of a shot with which you want to begin cutting by means of the corresponding buttons of rewind. As soon as the necessary shot was found, click a bracket icon which by the form reminds letter L for a mark of a starting point. After that the same way move the slider in the end of the necessary fragment and click the bracket deployed in other party on the toolbar.

Capture of a video stream

If you decided to use virtualdub for capture of video, start the program then click the File menu – Set capture file. Then specify video source through the Video menu – Source. In the appeared list define your video tuner and configure display options – brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. – specify by Format a format of future image of video at capture in the option Video, i.e. permission of the video and the used codec. In the lower right corner of video configure frame rate on higher (for example, 30 fps).

To start capture click F6. To finish record of video, click Esc then you can start saving the received video file.


Saving the edited roller

When saving the video file you can also select several options: simultaneous audio compression and video, compression only video and only an audiotrack compression. To select any given parameter, you can use the section Video. Direct stream copy is responsible for saving a video stream without changes, and Full processing mode is responsible for its full processing. Similar operations are available also in the section Audio: Direct stream or Full processing mode. After the choice of the necessary parameters pass into the section File – Save for maintaining the result received as a result of capture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team