What are free mmorpg without Donat

What are free mmorpg without Donat

Donat (mikrotrankzition) - voluntary payment of any services which are unavailable in the free version of a game. In some projects Donat spoils all game process as players who placed money have certain advantages over others. However in a number of projects of a mikrotrankzition do not affect game balance in any way.


1. Lord of the Rings Online – a free role online game which is created on the basis of the known Universe of J. Tolkien "Lord of the Rings". The interesting story line will send players to a travel on all game world which is the exact copy of Middle-earth. The gamer can also meet characters from the book and even to battle together with them against darkness forces.

2. The player needs to create own hero, having selected one of 4 races and one of 9 classes. The gameplay a little in what differs from other MMORPG – the hero needs to explore the game world, to execute different quests, to pump over the unique abilities and characteristics, to destroy monsters and many other things. In addition the player can select a certain profession (the smith, the jeweler, the miner, the farmer, the scientist and so on). Each profession gives certain advantages in a game.

3. Path of Exile – a network computer game which uses model of distribution free-to-play. At a game there are mikrotrankzition, however they do not influence game process in any way and only give the chance to the player to decorate the character by means of different things. At the beginning 6 main classes of the character are available to the player (the ranger, a hramovnik, the duelist and so on), however in the course of passing one more will become available to it – the successor.

4. On a game plot, heroes traveled by sea, but soon they underwent ship-wreck and got on the mysterious island. The player needs to investigate locations which are generated in a random way, to battle against monsters and to develop the hero. At Path of Exite there is an excellent role system. All characteristics grow automatically with increase in level, but abilities should be pumped over independently.

5. ArcheAge - free MMORPG from the Korean company XL Games. The main feature of a game – its scale. The player can find a set of ways of pastime – to explore the huge world, to become the farmer, the jeweler, to be engaged in construction of own lock and many other things in ArcheAge. In addition the user can construct own ship, equip it with different guns and go to a voyage on the huge game world.

6. Also the player can enter clan here and make a trip on the world, battle against the strongest monsters and bosses, to develop characteristics of the hero, to conduct fascinating battles for locks, to make attacks on the population and so on. Each player can find work to liking in ArcheAge. Mikrotrankzition in a game do not influence game process in any way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team