"What website is more popular: ""Schoolmates"" or VKontakte"

"What website is more popular: ""Schoolmates"" or VKontakte"

According to the ratings of the TNS portal in July, 2013 the most popular social network in Russia was VKontakte which is visited by more than 38 million users a day, at the same time, Schoolmates, according to this research, visit 8 million less. Nevertheless, users consider the best that social network to which got used more and as both in VK and in Schoolmates there is a lot of people and what opinions the website are better shared approximately equally.

History of creation of Schoolmates and VKontakte

The social network Schoolmates of the beginning the work in 2006 and literally for read weeks began to gain enormous popularity among users of RuNet.

Literally in half a year the project of VKontakte which was initially focused on youth audience started. The popularity of this social network began to gain promptly steam and quickly overtook on attendance of Schoolmates. In a year of the registered users of VKontakte it was approximately twice more, than in Schoolmates. Such popularity was caused, first of all by the fact that on Schoolmates the paid registration was at that time entered that very much was not pleasant to users.

If you decide to revise the page of each user of VKontakte, you need at least one thousand years!


In 2010, losing VKontakte on number of users already of 15 million people, Schoolmates cancel paid registration that allows them to attract many new users.

Since then between these two mega continuous competition goes popular social networks. In a prompt race VKontakte, Schoolmates shoot ahead, entering various new products on the services that, undoubtedly, does well to ordinary users of social networks. The websites develop and become constantly more interesting from year to year.

So what social network is better?

Watching movies and listening of music became peculiar "business card" of VKontakte. The possibility of adding of audio and video of files made this website the most convenient in this regard, in Schoolmates the similar functions were added much later.

Search engines of the world Internet more than 4 billion a month process request of VKontakte

Copied from "Facebook, the VKontakte interface looks quite modestly, rather cheerful orange design of Schoolmates.

In Schoolmates a large number of people is registered 50 years are more senior, meanwhile, when VKontakte and remained the social network focused on people of younger age.

That VKontakte that in Schoolmates a large number of spam and frequent cracking of pages of users upsets.

It is impossible to define accurately what of these two networks is better. It is only possible to tell with confidence that VKontakte is more than users up to 25 years, and Schoolmates were fallen in love to people of more advanced age.

Eventually, everyone decides for himself that it has more to liking. It is possible to register both there and there and on what social network you will spend more time, already then it will become clear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team