What vitamins are useful to the one-year-old child

What vitamins are useful to the one-year-old child

From first year of life of the kid, careful parents begin think of introduction to its diet of vitamins. Usually about one year children are on breastfeeding and receive all necessary substances from mother's milk. The exception only makes the "solar" vitamin D necessary for prevention of rickets.

Vitamins for the child — a whim or need?

After the first birthday, the kid gradually passes to adult food and uses the maternal milk and baby food enriched with all necessary substances and minerals less. The child grows and develops, his skeleton, internals and a brain are formed. From that the kid eats how properly his physical, intellectual and intellectual development depends.

The growing organism of the kid needs vitamins much more adult as at the adult bone tissues, internals and nervous system are already completely created. Only by 11th year of life of the child the need of his organism for vitamins will practically not differ from needs of adults. To this age the parents have to take care of the balanced and various food of the kid and the use of additional vitamin complexes.

Vitamins, important for the one-year-old child

The kid at such age needs all vitamins, but of them vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and nicotinic acid are especially important. Vitamin A promotes strengthening of immunity, muscle tissues, contributes to the development of a skeleton, interferes with development of diseases of organs of vision, improves functioning of a liver and airways. The organism can receive vitamin A from vegetables green and yellow colors, a chicken yolk, milk, cod-liver oil, a liver and also well-loved by children, raspberries, bilberries and blackberries. Vitamins of group B have the general positive impact on an organism in general. Their use promotes development of red blood cells, improves work of a liver, strengthens nervous system and improves appetite. Buckwheat and oat grain, eggs, dairy products, fish, fish roe, apples and potatoes are rich with vitamins of this group. Ascorbic acid — an important element for the correct development of bones, teeth, blood vessels and also nervous system and protective functions of an organism. The lack of vitamin C, as a rule, leads to frequent catarrhal diseases, a depression and emergence of a scurvy. Consumption of a citrus, broth of a dogrose and also green onions and sauerkraut promotes completion of its shortage in an organism. Vitamin, very important for the growing organism — vitamin D. "Solar" vitamin promotes digestion of phosphorus and calcium, vital for growth and formation of teeth and child's bones. It is, perhaps, the only vitamin which is appointed to children from the first days of life for prevention of rickets. Vitamin D contains in small amounts in dairy products and an egg yolk. Much in large numbers this vitamin is produced by an organism at contact of skin with beams of the sun. RR vitamin promotes improvement of integuments, mucous membranes of intestines and mouth. Shortage in an organism of nicotinic acid is shown by disorder of digestion, irritation of integuments and loss of weight. RR vitamin contains in fast meat, fish, cheeses, a liver and beer yeast. Since first year of life of the kid, it is necessary to show consideration for his food. It is necessary to diversify a diet, including in it food, vitamin-rich and minerals. At the same time it is not necessary to refuse the use of vitamin complexes. It is necessary to choose vitamins according to the recommendation of the pediatrician who estimated the general condition of your kid.

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