Why can brake the Internet

Why can brake the Internet

Internet users often get into such situation: connection speed it is explicit below stated by provider, but any works on the line it is not conducted. In these cases it is necessary to look for a problem root in the computer.

The reasons of slow Internet connection can depend on the user or on provider. In the second case it is about cable rushes, bad operation of the equipment installed in your house and also about various scheduled maintenance. To fix these problems, it is necessary to contact the provider as all of them are in its competence.

However you quite can independently cope with other difficulties. Let's consider these difficulties in more detail.



On the Internet the great number of spies, "trojans" and other malicious applications which for the worse affect connection speed extends. They can be implemented into the browser, use the channel of the Internet, monitor your actions, etc. Therefore on the computer should be it is installed an antivirus with relevant bases.



The Internet often brakes because of antivirus software and their network screens. Information is checked "on the fly" therefore connection speed falls. In this case it is possible to switch-off the network screen and to check speed. If it increases, then it is worth thinking of change of settings of an antivirus or its change.

Network programs and superstructures

Programs for downloading of information, for a conversation and correspondence, addition of the browser — all this also reduces the speed of the Internet. Therefore it is worth thinking whether really you need all these superstructures giving information which often is not so necessary.

Operating system

Sometimes the problem is in the system installed on the computer. Especially if it is about various assemblies — they can bring to the user of difficulty with receiving the IP address, installation of drivers on the network interface card, etc.

Wrong setup of the wireless equipment

If you go on-line via the wireless router, that is probability that neighbors use your network. For such connection it is not necessary to have any special skills. In this regard it is necessary to cipher data and more carefully to configure the router. So, it is possible to turn on the filter to the MAC addresses, having registered in it all the devices.

Many use the 3G-modem. Its antenna should be at the certain level — otherwise speed will be low. Connect such modem not behind the system unit, and in front: it will allow to accept a signal freely. If it is impossible to make it, use the extender and arrange we can at the monitor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team