5 most widespread mistakes in preparation of salad ""Russian salad"

5 most widespread mistakes in preparation of salad ""Russian salad"

Russian salad salad at many Russians is associated with a New Year's feast or with an invited dinner. There are several recipes for this dish, but most of hostesses make the same mistakes. It is worth paying attention to it. And the taste of a dish will change to the best at once.

Many hostesses cook Russian salad salad not correctly. The uniform recipe of a popular dish doesn't exist. His creator didn't open this secret. Many options of preparation of salad were thought up. But widespread mistakes don't allow to achieve ideal taste. 

Use only mayonnaise

Most of hostesses dress ""Russian salad"" with mayonnaise. It is very convenient. It is only necessary to squeeze out sauce from packing and to mix salad. But in this case the dish turns out too fat, heavy for digestion. After a feast there can be a discomfort in a stomach. That ""Russian salad"" turned out easier, it is possible to dilute mayonnaise with low-fat sour cream or dense cream in the ratio 1:1. Some the chef fill such salad with the Greek yogurt. It is easy to repeat it in house conditions. The Greek yogurt is more dense and more dense than usual. If it is difficult to find it in sale, it is possible to use natural fermented milk product, previously having laid out it for 4-5 hours in the colander laid by a gauze. ""Russian salad"" of restaurant level turns out with mayonnaise of own preparation. It is possible to make gas station in 2-3 days prior to a feast. It is perfectly stored in the fridge. 

Add a boiled sausage

In original ""Russian salad"" as a meat component fillet of hazel grouses was used. The French cook who invented this dish, added to it and boiled crayfish tails. Such exotic ingredients cost much, it is difficult to find them in shops. But salad can be made also about addition of boiled beef, chicken, language. A big mistake is preparation of a dish with a boiled sausage. Even darling ""Doctor's"" won't replace the real meat. Sausage began to be put in salad in Soviet period as it was simpler to be got. Now with it there are no problems therefore each hostess can please close to real meat ""Russian salads"". 

It is too much potatoes

It is possible to find many in recipe-books of nourishing potato salads, but ""Russian salad"" doesn't belong to their number.   The recipe in which for 5 portions of a dish 5 potatoes are necessary is published in the pre-revolutionary recipe-book. But at that time salad was spread layers. Potatoes were cut differently that different layers turned out. In Soviet period the giving by layers was abolished. But hostesses all the same tried to put more potato that it turned out more nourishing and inexpensive in ""Russian salad"". Other products were difficult to be got. Modern less potatoes prefer to put the chef in legendary salad. For 10 portions 5 tubers of the average sizes there are enough. Because of surplus of potatoes the dish turns out starchy, too nourishing. This ingredient kills taste of other products, in it a lot of mayonnaise is absorbed therefore the sauce expense increases at once that isn't desirable at all. 

It isn't enough eggs

Addition of boiled eggs in salad gives it special tenderness. Many hostesses prefer to save on such ingredient. But it is a big mistake. Eggs in ""Russian salad"" has to be much. For 10 portions it is necessary to take not less than 4 pieces. It is better to use home-made eggs. The yolk at them very tasty, has saturated color. For salad it is necessary to cook hard boiled eggs. 

Canned peas

Many hostesses put a canned peas in ""Russian salad"" and don't even assume that with the fresh or frozen product this dish turns out much more tasty. In Soviet period it was simpler to get a canned peas. The frozen vegetables on counters weren't. Now such ingredients can be bought at all seasons of the year. To please and surprise relatives, guests, once ""Russian salad"" prepares with the frozen peas, previously having defrozen it at the room temperature. Excess moisture needs to be merged. In this case salad will develop freshness and the special taste deprived of the persuasive sweet peculiar to a tinned delicacy.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team