All truth about meat

All truth about meat

each person except the convinced vegetarians loves meat. But not everyone knows how it is correct to choose the necessary piece of meat and how to bring it to a condition of a delicacy.

About the choice of meat there are several myths and rumors.

Myth No. 1. Upon purchase meat has to be bright red color.

Actually, too bright coloring of meat says that:

  • the animal was slaughtered quite recently.
  • Meat was repeatedly defrozen and frozen.
  • the animal was slaughtered too long ago, and meat for giving of presentation something was processed.

The beef good in the use has to have saturated-burgundy color. Veal - gentle-pink. In order that the made meat was gentle and juicy, it has to lie in the cooled state about two weeks.

Myth No. 2. It is necessary to buy only fast meat.

Actually, if you want to reduce amount of fats in the diet – fry meat with fat. In the course of preparation, excess fat will all the same be melted, and residues of fat on meat can be cut off and thrown out or given on a treat to pets. In the course of frying, fat protects proteinaceous structures of meat and provides juiciness and tenderness. Besides it is possible to determine quality of meat by color of fat. The fat – the better is more white.

Myth No. 3. When choosing meat the price does not matter.

Meat is one of those things on which it is impossible to save. Process of transformation of an animal into the meat suitable for the use – rather expensive action. It includes both good food of an animal, and a meat vylezhivaniye taking into account optimum temperatures, and transportation to the place of sale in the cooled, but not frozen look.

Myth No. 4. Any meat is useful. This myth in something is combined with previous. The low cost of meat means cultivation of animals or a bird by industrial methods, with use of chemicals and antibiotics. From the ecological point of view of the most useful mutton as sheep are still grown up on open areas – meadows, fields, etc. is. Also it is necessary to give preference to fresh-killed beef, pork and veal meat. Chicken fillet or fast veal best of all will be suitable for a diet.

Myth No. 5. To observe a healthy diet, it is impossible to eat a lot of meat. It is incorrect as meat contains many useful substances and vitamins. It is an excellent source of iron and vitamin B. Meat is responsible for a set of processes in a human body. Also it helps cages to burn unnecessary fats and fills amount of zinc in an organism.

Myth No. 6. Meat contains many harmful saturated fats. In fact, a good few of meat fats – monounsaturated, that is does not bear harm. However you should not forget about existence of vegetables and fruit as constantly there is only one meat too it is impossible.

Myth No. 7. Using meat, risks of a disease of cancer increase. Scientists did not find direct link between consumption of meat and cancer yet, but the plentiful use of the meat gastronomy stuffed with preservatives, salt and dyes can quite pose an oncological threat.

To have an opportunity to qualitatively make any meat, it is necessary to get the minimum stock:

  • Quality frying pan. A thick and big bottom – a guarantee of uniform warming up of meat.
  • Meat grinder. Time of manual meat grinders passed so get the modern powerful electric meat grinder.
  • Perchatkis zharo- and oilproof covering. Such gloves will protect your hands from the boiling oil, cuts and dirt.

What should be done also what should not be done in the course of preparation of meat. That process of preparation took place smoothly, it is necessary to follow such rules:

  • Carefully wash hands after touches to crude meat.
  • You store crude meat far away from ready and not ready dishes. You keep it on lower a shelve that it did not leak on other products. Especially on those which you are not going to subject to heat treatment. It is necessary to remove as soon as possible unfinished meat in the fridge. Also warm up it properly before next time spreading on a plate.
  • Cook beef and mutton with blood. Blood at the same time has to is in a piece with well fried surface.
  • Cook meat no later than in two days after a defrosting. It is not recommended to store it in the freezer more than half a year. Livers, kidneys and other giblets should be prepared with calculation that eat them for once.
  • Well fry thoroughly pork, a bird and cutlets. Inside there should not be pink shades.

What you should not do:

  • To wash meat before cooking. With water the microbes can filter into internal fabrics of a piece. Those that outside, will die during thermal treatment.
  • To freeze the defrozen meat on the second time. Also do not warm twice ready, already stood in the fridge.
  • To clean hens and an other game is a business of professionals. In many internals it is full of harmful microbes.
  • To water ready meat with marinade in which it lay before sending for a frying pan or a grill.
  • To use the same knife and the same cutting board for manipulations with crude and already ready meat. If there is no opportunity to replace the equipment, at least wash up it in hot water with means for washing. In the bacteriological plan wooden boards least of all are suitable for cutting of meat. It is more difficult to wash them.

What it is worth knowing about some bodies of animals?

Beef heart contains a lot of selenium and vitamin H which rejuvenates skin strengthens hair and nails.

Stomach. The stomach of almost any herbivore is valuable almost total absence of fat, quickly acquired proteins and huge amount of iron.

Chicken liver. Besides gentle meat this body is famous for availability of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It contains iron, folic acid, Riboflavinum and other useful minerals.

Pork brain. In this body least of all fat and high content of phosphorus and calcium which strengthens bones of the person. [br/] 

As it is correct to prepare a barbecue.

It is not recommended to use an electrobrazier. It is better to use the old checked method. Coal is necessary for a barbecue. Choose charcoal without chemical additives. Do not use dry tabletkoobrazny fuel or the liquid monger, otherwise your barbecue will stink of gasoline. The only smell which has to go from a barbecue — aroma of wood smoke and the roasted meat. To begin to cook meat follows when the flame went out, and coals of steel of gray color with a reddish shade. On all process of preparation of meat about half an hour approximately leaves. It is necessary to overturn meat once and if you fry with the closed cover - it is possible not to overturn absolutely. Do not look often under a cover - it will only slow down preparation process.

As it is correct to cook chicken.

In preparation time in an oven often happens so that meat was appetizingly reddened from above, and inside it is still dampish. To avoid such trouble it is necessary to put chicken a back on a baking sheet and to fill in inside with water. Then to add salt, pepper and to send to the oven heated that two hundred degrees. Then the crust, and meat will be gentle and appetizing.

As it is correct to cook pork in own hulk.

Unfortunately, those pigs which are grown up in Ukraine do not suit for such refined dish as in them there is a lot of fat. It is possible to buy import bacon and meat hulk. That skin became edible and tasty, all remains of a bristle should be removed. A day before preparation drench a skin with abrupt boiled water, trying not to mention meat. [br/] Then dry its paper towel, rub with wine vinegar and put in the fridge. Before cooking grate skin with salt and send a piece to an oven with a temperature of two hundred degrees.

As it is correct to prepare a stake.

For a start, be convinced that temperature of meat is not lower than room. Then heat a frying pan, but do not pour oil. Dry meat a paper towel that it was better reddened. Salt and pepper a piece on the one hand. Then slightly sprinkle vegetable oil, throw on a frying pan and leave alone for two-three minutes. Do not pay attention if meat hisses and smokes. Then take out it on a board. Salt, pepper and sprinkle oil and again put on a frying pan.

As it is correct to prepare a mutton leg. 

In preparation of a mutton leg there can be one widespread problem. The top fleshy part of a leg will be normally baked thoroughly, and lower will dry. That to avoid it, make of cut carrots and potatoes a layer for the lower part. As a result you receive both well propechenny leg, and an appetizing garnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team