As do pasteurized milk

As do pasteurized milk

Milk – an important product which often happens in the fridge practically at any person. It is useful for an organism thanks to the content of proteins, vitamins and calcium. It is interesting how will pasteurize milk?

Pasteurized milk is that which is offered to us by shops. It is on sale in packages and enjoys wide popularity. In what a difference between pasteurized milk and usual? And whether there is it?

What is "pasteurization"?

Pasteurization is a process of thermal treatment of liquids at a temperature of 60 wasps within an hour or 70-80os about 30 min. Why will milk be pasteurized? The fact is that the fresh milk comprises not only useful, but also harmful bacteria. At pasteurization there is their neutralization therefore pasteurized milk much longer than usual is stored.

Thermal treatment by means of which the procedure of pasteurization is made was popular in the nineteenth century. Now this process underwent significant changes. At first milk is heated to the necessary temperature (depends on time) then the product in itself is cooled in extra packings which, certainly, will be sterilized. Pasteurization of milk allows to keep a product fresh nearly three days (60 hours). It is also possible to do cottage cheese, yogurts of it and so on. Sometimes milk undergoes ultrapasteurization process. At such procedure liquid during couple of seconds heats up to 135-150os and is instantly cooled to 4-5os. After that the period of storage of milk makes the whole two months.

How to make pasteurized milk of the house?

At first it is necessary to sterilize the capacity (glass jar) in which milk will be stored. It is required to sterilize not longer than twenty minutes. Then it is possible to start directly the procedure of pasteurization. For this purpose in the double boiler (its top) to fill in milk, and down water. It is necessary to heat liquid to 63 wasps (not to do without thermometer) and to take half an hour, mixing. Further to lower a pan with milk in the container with cold water and to wait, so far temperature of milk not to fall to a mark of 4 wasps. After that to pour milk in sterilized to bank. It is possible to store in the fridge two weeks (not longer).

Advantages of pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk will suit those people who don't transfer taste of a fresh or new milk. Vitamins and other useful bacteria in similar milk exceed their contents in its other versions. Such milk doesn't contain preservatives, doesn't need boiling, perfectly is suitable for a children's organism.

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