As it is correct to make tea

As it is correct to make tea

For some of us the question as it is correct to make tea never stood – to take a tea bag enough and to fill in it with boiled water. Such people don't even imagine what pleasure they lose, the real tea is not only tasty and fragrant drink, but also the whole philosophy. Not without reason many people have traditional ways of tea brewing – the real tea ceremonies. However, in all of them there are several key rules which will help to disclose properties of this drink as much as possible.


1. Any correctly brewing tea begins with good water. Don't use even the otstoyanny water poured from under the crane, it is already processed by chemicals and hopelessly the tea aroma will kill. If there is no opportunity to use well or spring water, buy bottled.

2. Neither a black, nor green tea aren't ready abrupt boiled water. A green tea is made the boiled water which cooled down to 75-80os. Black tea is filled in with the beginning to boil water when there is a characteristic noise of the bubbles bursting on a surface, a so-called "white key".

3. For a zavarivaniye of any tea preference is given to porcelain or ceramic teapots which well hold heat and don't allow rot drink. It is absolutely undesirable to use metal teapots. Before filling up tea inside, the teapot surely should be rinsed with boiled water to warm up it and to deodorize.

4. The amount of tea depends on teapot volume – black tea is put on a teaspoon on a glass and one more from above, green – is one and a half times more.

5. Water in a teapot is filled in on two thirds, close it a cover, and in about three-four minutes added up to the end. That all layers of a tea liquor mixed up, three times in a cup which contents then merge back recommend to merge it.

6. It is also best of all to have tea from porcelain or ceramic cups and mugs. Better to feel taste and a tea aroma, "vprikusk" needs to eat sweet, it is better not to pour sugar to a cup. In cups tea isn't poured to the brim, leave the place that the aroma didn't disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team