Fresh juice. We drink by rules

Fresh juice. We drink by rules

Fresh juice is not only a well of vitamins. It contains huge amount of glucose, sucrose, organic acid. Also in such drink there is a cellulose, phytoncides, mineral substances. Still juice satisfies thirst and in them few calories. What wouldn't be useful juice, using them, it is necessary to observe precautionary measures.

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1. All fresh juices possess poslablyayushchy action. If you have problems with intestines, then it is better to refuse such juice.

2. If you have an ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, then too it is undesirable to drink such juice. Because there is an increase in acidity in a stomach. As a result your disease has chance to become complicated.

3. Juice of grapes and an apricot contain a lot of glucose. They are recommended to use very carefully. Especially concerns those who have diabetes and excess weight.

4. It is better to drink verjuices for half an hour to food. But not on a hungry stomach. Fruit juices can't be drunk at once after primas of food. They strengthen fermentation in intestines. Cause an abdominal distension.

5. If to combine juice with reception of food, then the effect of them will be minimum.

6. Juice from vegetables can be drunk before and after food. But the greatest benefit will be brought if to use them in 15 minutes prior to food.

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