Fry easy ways fish, whether it be river or red

Fry easy ways fish, whether it be river or red

In cookery divide several easy ways of frying of fish. The main of them are: browning of fish in a frying pan with small amount of oil, frying on open coals and in hot fan. Every way frying has the secrets and if to ignore them, then it is possible to spoil fish and not to receive desirable result.

Before frying fish in a frying pan, it needs to be divided into portions (whole can fry a small-sized fish), to rub with salt and to leave for 10-13 minutes. For improvement of taste of a saltwater fish it can be watered with lemon juice.

After fish is ready to frying, the frying pan on fire is put and vegetable oil joins. Fish throw out in flour and put on a frying pan. Fat has to cover fish only half that she wasn't too fat. That fish turned out  even more tasty, it is necessary to put a desi.

It isn't recommended to hold a long time fish in a frying pan that meat wasn't dried. It is enough to fry of it before emergence of a crunchy crisp crust and then to place in an oven for 10 minutes. There fish completely will reach readiness.

It is possible to prepare by this way of frying any fish.

It is possible to fry fish on naked flame on a spit, a lattice a grill or skewers. When frying fish on a lattice it is necessary to consider one feature. In order that fish didn't stick to a lattice, it is necessary to grease rods with vegetable oil or salted pork fat previously. Then it will be possible to keep integrity of ready fish. Before putting fish on a lattice, it needs to be dried, rubbed with salt, pepper, butter, to sprinkle with bread crumbs. On a lattice the fish is fried on both sides.

When frying fish on skewers it will be possible to keep its integrity and to fry evenly from all directions. But at this way of frying it won't be possible to put spicy herbs in a paunch.

When frying on a spit preference is given to sturgeon species of fish. To emphasize its aroma, fish is watered with creamy melted butter.

Preparation of fish in hot fan requires a large number of vegetable oil which has to cover completely fish, and ware with thick walls and a bottom. Fish has to be previously prepared. She is peppered, salted, sprinkled lemon juice and sprinkled with flour or crackers for a breading. Oil can be applied sunflower or olive. After oil is warmed, in it lower the prepared fish. It is necessary to fry before acquisition of a golden shade by her. Any fish prepares by this way, but sturgeon, a cod, a pike perch or a navaga turns out especially tasty.

In hot fan it is possible to prepare fish in batter. For this purpose pieces of the prepared fish a fork lower in batter, and then put in hot fan. After roasting the fish needs to be laid out on paper to remove excess fats.

Garnishes from greens, potatoes, vegetables and rice will be ideal for a fried fish. And marinades and a pickles will emphasize already unique taste.  It is possible to decorate a dish from a fried fish with onions rings, greens or a lemon.

The potatoes peeled and cut by segments will help to get rid of a smell of fish during frying in a frying pan. For this purpose it needs to be put in oil during frying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team