Green tea and male power

Green tea and male power

Green tea is very popular drink. It is caused by the fact that it perfectly tones up and has much more useful properties, than, for example, black. Also there is an opinion that this drink is shown to men, namely helps to keep male power and in general favorably affects potency. Whether so it, let's understand, we will clear in what a secret of this drink in what cases it is shown to the stronger sex and in what it should be avoided.

Why green tea

Actually, green tea is the same black, but in the first case the young leaves dry up, but do not dry or ferment as leaves for preparation of a black analog. In this regard in foliage the maximum quantity of vitamins and minerals remains, they are well acquired and bear enormous advantage for an organism.

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Structure of a product

The chemical composition of this product impresses. It includes more than several hundred organic compounds and useful substances.

Vitamins and minerals

Green tea contains practically all vitamins which are known at the moment. Naturally, they are present at various proportions, but at the same time advantage can bring enough. A special role is played by the high content of vitamins P and Page. In drink there are a lot of minerals — chrome, manganese, zinc and selenium and also organic acids. It is famous for fine coefficient I WATCH as 25% make proteins, 8% — fats and 67% — carbohydrates.

Important! Caloric content of green tea is only 56 kcal in 100 ml of drink.

Alkaloids and flavonoids

This drink is so popular including because of the high content of alkaloids, namely caffeine. At the same time the product contains not pure caffeine, but theine which differs in the softer impact on a human body. Its properties are very similar to caffeine, but it bears only advantage, invigorates and sates with energy.

Green tea contains substances from group of flavonoids — catechins, they are polyphenolic connections and work as powerful natural antioxidants therefore such drink is shown at a number of chronic diseases.

About advantage of drink for men

Green tea can come to the rescue in various situations, thanks to the richest vitamin structure, low caloric content and good tastes, it can add a diet practically of all men.

Whether you know? To avoid problems with potency, doctors recommend to men to spend less time driving: the sitting position worsens blood circulation and adversely influences a reproductive system.

Leading a usual life

This drink is shown all who watch over health and think of the organism much, and that is why:

  • Green tea strengthens the immune system.
  • Stimulates work of a brain.
  • Renders the invigorating effect.
  • Cleans vessels.
  • Brings toxins out of an organism.
  • Favorably influences heart and a cardiovascular system.
  • It is used as prophylactic for prevention of oncological diseases.
  • Has antibacterial effect.
  • Contributes to normalization of a metabolism.
  • Tones up.
  • Calms nervous system, helps to struggle with nervous breakdowns and depressions.
  • Normalizes arterial blood pressure.
  • Normalizes a dream, it is effective against insomnia.
  • It is useful at alcoholic intoxication, quickly brings hazardous substances out of blood.
  • Improves sight and interferes with developing of eye diseases.
  • Interferes with aging of an organism.
  • Kills a headache.

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Physically active and athletes

Green tea is irreplaceable in a diet of athletes and people who regularly have physical activities, it is connected with the fact that it:

  1. Increases endurance.
  2. Accelerates metabolism.
  3. It helps an organism to be restored quickly after the trainings.
  4. Protects muscle tissues due to decrease in oxidizing processes in an organism.
  5. Promotes sweating.

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As green tea affects potency

This drink makes complex impact on a male body. First of all it promotes strengthening of immunity and saturation by vitamins and minerals that is already rather quite good as sexual desire raises. It is also proved that green tea helps to improve blood circulation in a male genital.

At emergence of the first symptoms of prostatitis drink can help as is diuretic, is capable to remove inflammation and also to clean urinary tract. It promotes reduction of a prostate at the expense of what process of urination becomes painless.

If men regularly have green tea, then they more actively produce testosterone that allows to keep male power. But everything is good moderately if to have very strong tea or its too large number, it can cause boomerang effect, namely provoke insomnia, weakness and, as a result, decrease in sexual activity. It is caused by the high content of caffeine.

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This drink is contraindicated to men:

  • With stomach ulcer.
  • With tachycardia.
  • With sleep disorders.
  • During the sharp course of diseases.
  • In a complex with medicamentous therapy.
  • At arthritises.
  • At high temperature.
  • To elderly people.

Important! The excessive amount of drink in a diet can provoke emergence of sand and stones in kidneys.

Whether any tea is useful

On counters of shops there is a huge choice of this product, it differs both on the price policy, and on a way of a zavarivaniye, can be clean, and can have various additives. But, alas, not all options offered us are useful and on what it is better to stop the choice, let's clear.

About advantage of tea in bags

It is impossible to call the packaged tea harmful, but advantage it will bring to your organism much less, than scalded. All because raw materials which are used for its production do not differ in high quality. Before packaging tea in bags it strongly crush at the expense of what it loses the useful qualities.

Naturally, the packaged tea is much more convenient scalded as demands less time for a zavarivaniye and it is simpler to use it at work or in a business trip therefore if you buy such product, give preference to the checked trademarks.

Important! Unfair producers pack in bags not only production wastes, but can use also the expired and also infected raw materials therefore be attentive upon purchase, surely study information on packing.

Rules of the choice of a quality product

If you want tea to bring benefit to your organism, then it unambiguously has to be scalded, but not packaged. In that case you can visually estimate raw materials and understand that it is really quality product. In order that drink brought the maximum benefit to a male body, it has to be clean, without various additives. With extra care it is necessary to treat fragrances of the packaged tea as in this case various additives are used to kill an unpleasant smell of chemistry which is exhaled by bags. Tea should not be too cheap as upon purchase of such product there is a high probability of the fact that the content of tea in it leaves much to be desired.

One more important point is color of raw materials: green tea has to be light green or pistachio color if it very dark, then either is dried incorrectly up, or is expired.

Whether you know? Statistically, in one second in the world a little more than two million cups of tea are drunk.

As it is correct to have green tea to men

There are rules of preparation of drink to which it is necessary to adhere, namely:

  1. To use only purified water.
  2. The amount of tea should not exceed 1 tsp on 200 ml of water.
  3. It is necessary to cook green tea only before the use as in 1-2 hours it loses the useful properties.
  4. Drink cannot be drunk on a hungry stomach, and it is recommended to accept it only after a meal.
  5. Liquid should not be too hot, and it is necessary to drink it small drafts.
  6. Only clean green tea, without additives and fragrances is shown to men.
  7. Daily it is necessary to drink no more than 5 cups of this drink.

Whether it is possible to do harm drink

Strangely enough, but even the most useful products can have the opposite effect. For this reason the diet of the healthy person has to be balanced and thought over. It is necessary to adhere accurately to the recommendations of experts, not to abuse drink at all. In moderate quantities it bears only advantage to an organism and if to go too far, it is possible to cause unpleasant consequences which though easily are eliminated, but nevertheless are not necessary at all.

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We change taste and properties

Adding various ingredients to drink, it is possible not only to improve its tastes, but also to considerably increase its advantage for an organism. Therefore if to follow recommendations, there is an opportunity to affect useful properties of this product.


Sugar does not belong to useful additives and if to replace it with not less tasty and sweet honey, it is possible to increase vitamin and mineral structure of a product. But you remember that honey can be added only to warm liquid or to eat a vprikuska.

We advise to read about curative properties of types of honey: meadow, forest, flower, May, mountain, akatsiyevy, buckwheat, sunflower, chestnut, lime, dyagilevy, donnikovy.


All citrus, and more a lemon, improves properties of green tea. This drink can provoke excessive release of urea which is not necessary for a male body at all, and the acid which is contained in this fruit extinguishes it.


Practically any liquid promotes calcium washing away, and milk helps to increase its contents in an organism. In such combination drink will help to get rid of negative impact of electromagnetic devices and also milk is capable to extinguish possible harm from caffeine.

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Any dried fruits can become also fine useful addition to this drink.

Whether you know? Some products are capable not only to excite, but also to strengthen male power: presence at a diet of avocado, oysters, shrimps, nuts and ginger will help to avoid problems with potency and sexual inclination.

Useful teas for men

Of course, green tea is not the only drink which promotes improvement of male health. To it various grass collecting or monocomponent drinks can make the worthy competition.

Hibiscus tea

Red drink from the dried-up hibiscus fruits also bears advantage for an organism of men. It favorably influences bodies and the systems of an organism. Promotes strengthening of vessels and a cardiac muscle, helps to get rid of toxins and also increases immunity.


Ginger is carried to some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, it raises sexual desire, at the same time works as an immunomodulator and antiseptics. Fights against harmful cholesterol.

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Ivan tea (koporskiya)

This drink is one of the most popular means for prevention of prostatitis. It softly and quickly influences a male body, increasing his endurance. One of its advantages is prevention of prostatitis.

Learn more about ivan-tea: from what helps and treats when to collect how to dry and make.

It is possible to increase male power and to win against a number of problems with health, even without resorting to pharmaceutical medicines, and competently using teas and various vitamin drinks. Problems with potency will never arise if it is correct to make the food allowance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team