Healthy food for optimization of work of a brain

Healthy food for optimization of work of a brain

In order that your brain actively worked, it is necessary to stimulate its activity with useful products and substances. In other case you won't be able just to carry out long-term tasks and you will begin to give up at the first steps to success. The correct functioning of a brain is ensured by healthy food.

First of all you need to learn to treat an own organism as very important system. Such conscientious attitude will bring only positive events in your life, if the reason is pure, and the organism isn't overloaded with harmful chemicals, then your activity at work and study will be much higher and more productive, than usually. Therefore from this minute begin to live consciously and to use useful products in necessary quantity every day.

What substances contain useful elements and what after all should be used for productive work of a brain?

Fats. And useful and favorable for digestion. It is known that for 70% the human brain consists of these substances. Besides, they play an active role in operation of the immune system. Monounsaturated fats and an omega-3 positively influence brain actively, stimulating and strengthening it. And those fats which contain already in ready-made products make an adverse effect not only on a human brain, but also on health of an organism in general. For example, if you cook salad independently, then you will use for certain only a fresh vegetables that you won't tell about salads which stand on counters shops. It is unknown what amount of time back they were prepared and of what substances consist. One more plus of the real fats is that they perform function of absorption of vitamins at which lack the person weakens intellectually and physically. Therefore it is necessary to use every day natural fats which contain in such products as avocado, olives and nuts. Fatty acids, an omega-3, also exist in a saltwater fish from cold waters, for example, in a salmon. 

Cholesterol. In brain activity cholesterol performs function of optimization of work of cages. If you dream that your brain well worked, then it is daily necessary to consume at least several products rich with this substance. These are shrimps, hard cheeses, pastes, pork, mutton, chicken, cream, a cod and squids. When choosing these products in shop consider their naturalness and an expiration date.

Useful wine. It is known that wine slows down process of aging of an organism and also strengthens inflow of blood to heart and positively affects brain activity. It is recommended to add in small doses wine to a daily food allowance, for example, to sauces or garnishes.

Probiotics. The products containing prebiotics or live microorganisms have a direct impact on behavior of a brain, reduce stressful nervousness and a condition of a depression. With a probiotics sauerkraut, cottage cheese, cheese, soy, onions and a pickles is rich.

Vitamin D. All central nervous system works with the help of this vitamin. It can be received from fish and mushrooms and also to use as tablets for additive in dishes. It is known that vitamin D provides control over the correct work of a brain and, therefore, helps to support him in a condition of activity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team