Healthy nutrition for an ektomorf

Healthy nutrition for an ektomorf

Sports food for people of different addition differs a little. Three somatotip of a constitution — ektomorf, a mesomorph and an endomorph distinguish. Let's consider, to eat properly to an ektomorf to gain body weight at sports activities.

Why it is difficult to ektomorf to gain weight

People of this type have a thin constitution with poorly developed muscles and there is practically no fat layer. They have an accelerated metabolism consuming a lot of energy and there is no it left just for growth of muscle bulk. If the ektomorf manages to pump up muscles, then it looks very esthetically.

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Ektomorfam it is necessary to eat more densely, than to other types. The accelerated metabolism quickly burns many calories. At regular trainings this process happens even more intensively.

Whether you know? Bases of a somatotipirovaniye and forecasts of development of the person for his type were developed by the American psychologist professor U. Sheldon. He on the basis of long-term researches made tables according to which it is possible to predict change of weight at men and women depending on a somatotip, age and growth.

Calculation of need for calories

There are special techniques by which calculation of the recommended calories a day, proceeding from age and sex is conducted.

For the stronger sex it is the following calculations:

  • 8–30 years (0.0621 * weight + 2.0357) *240 kcal;
  • 30–60 years (0.0342 * weight + 3.5377) *240 kcal;
  • 60 and above (0.0377 * weight + 2.7545) *240 kcal.

To the weaker sex of calorie consider, using these formulas:

  • 18–30 years (0.0630 * weight + 2.8957) *240 kcal;
  • 30–60 years (0.0484 * weight + 3.6534) *240 kcal;
  • 60 and above (0.0491 * weight + 2.4587) *240 kcal.

And it is yet not all calculation. The final number of daily calories depends even on physical activity.

Calculation of level of activity

Ektomorf can lead a different life — inactive, sometimes sometimes to show activity or to steadily experience power strain. The coefficient by which we will increase the received result depends on it.

Important! Ektomorfu needs to sleep daily not less than 9 hours to restore the forces.

For an ektomorf depending on activity it is following:

  • low — 1.4;
  • average — 1.7;
  • high — 2.

For example, full calculation of calories taking into account activity coefficient for the young guy of 25 years and the weight of 63 kg leading active lifestyle will look so: (0.0621 * 63 + 2.0357)*240 kkal*2=2855 kcal.


Ektomorf has to consume many carbohydrates to provide himself with energy.

Whether you know? One of meals (especially relevant after loadings or for the night) can be replaced with a self-made geyner: to mix in a blender bowl 200 g of cottage cheese, 100 ml of milk, one banana, 25 g of nuts and 5 tablespoons of porridge.

For the typical representative this a somatotipa and in the presence at it lines of other types a ratio I WATCH in the program of food for increase in muscularity of a body has to be the following:

  • proteins — 30%;
  • fats — 20% (25% at an ektomezomorf)
  • carbohydrates — 50% (45% at an ektomezomorf).


As their sources it is necessary to choose the following sources:

  • low-fat meat. Well the bird (chicken meat, a turkey), a rabbit, beef will approach. It is possible to use low-fat parts of pork. At a diet surely there has to be a red meat;
  • fish and seafood. Practically any will approach — on your taste;
  • eggs. Egg whites are a dietary digestible product;
  • molokoprodukta. It is better to stop on low-fat sour-milk products (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese). The composition of amino acids, content of calcium and other useful substances does these products desired in different diets.

Read in more detail about value and a role of proteins and also carbohydrates for an organism.


As their source it is necessary to use food with the low glycemic index:

  • porridges. Perfectly buckwheat, rice, porridge and other porridges will approach;
  • vegetables. Potatoes and other vegetables which are especially containing cellulose;
  • pasta. It is better to stop on products from firm grades of wheat;
  • fruit. Any to your taste. However it is necessary to consider that some of them contain high amount of sugars, and optimum will be to use them since morning and during trainings (to, in time and after) for fast completion of power stocks.

It is necessary to avoid sweets and flour products as they are quickly acquired, and it causes fast fatigue. Besides such food has negative effect on a pancreas.

Whether you know? Addition of the person was considered as invariable, but emergence and promoting of body building in the 60th years of the last century allowed to change or adjust the type by means of trainings and sports food.


The following products will be a good source of fats:

  • vegetable oils. It is necessary to give preference to olive oil. As it contains more than polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • egg yolks. Some athletes exclude them from the food, but nutritionists do not recommend to do it as they contain many useful substances, and their harm was strongly exaggerated;
  • sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds, nuts, avocado, besides fats, contain oil-soluble vitamins and other useful substances. To all other they contain also the proteins necessary for muscles.

It is necessary to avoid transfats and animal fats. Cod-liver oil as the omega fats and vitamin D contains will be excellent fat additive to food.

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Sports food for an ektomorf

To thin people it is problematic to pump up muscles as they for this purpose need the increased number of calories and proteins. Here sports food which perfectly influences muscle bulk can come to the rescue of them.

We advise to esteem how to choose qualitative sports food.


Is necessary additive at the sports activities demanding a set of weight. This component helps to accumulate molecules ATP in muscle fibers that the bigger number of repetitions of exercises gives the chance for big physical activities — to carry out, to use the bigger weight and loading on exercise machines.

The most often found type of creatine — monohydrate. It can be got in any specialized shop which is engaged in sale of food for athletes at quite reasonable price.

This element positively influences increase in set of muscle bulk and strengthening of endurance. During the day recommend to consume about 5 g of creatine, but it is better to divide this norm into several receptions.


These are special mixes with the content of proteins and carbohydrates. The main part of geyner contains a serumal protein and plain carbohydrates. It is not favorable to buy them in the economic plan, but it is possible to prepare in house conditions from the corresponding components.

There is a type of geyner who contain complex carbohydrates, namely amylopectin. This element belongs to fast carbohydrates which do not cause splash in insulin, that is do not lead to fat savings, and promote only obtaining fast energy.

Such geyner perfectly will suit ektomorfa. It is necessary to use this product to or after the training occupations. During sports activities the consumption of amylopectin is acceptable for feed by energy and strengthenings of a pamping.

Learn what is a geyner and for what he is accepted and also as it to prepare in house conditions.


For inflating of muscles of simple food it is not enough for receipt of the required amount of protein. In this case irreplaceable additive in a diet is the protein which contains in the food which is specially released for athletes. For ektomorf such food is just necessary for achievement of necessary weight. Quality protein is necessary at sports activities in the increased quantity and is an important component of any diet of the athlete.

A good and fast set of weight is promoted by a serumal protein. Also such nutritious proteins as egg, beef and casein will be suitable for thin addition. It is the best of all for beginners to begin reception with a serumal protein or with combinations with it.

It is especially important to carry out reception of a serumal protein after the training and between the main receptions of food. Just before a dream it is better to accept casein.

Important! Doing purchase of proteins and geyner, it is necessary to pay attention to structure of a product. If you have an intolerance of lactose, then you should refuse purchase of the goods on the basis of milk containing serumal, whole-milk proteins or casein.

In online stores the big list of the sports food containing a protein is provided. Choose a product of well recommended brand with the acceptable price policy.

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At sports activities the experts recommend reception of BCAA — a leucine, an isoleucine, valine. Concentration of these amino acids in muscle fibers the highest.

Intake of BCAA additives positively influences the people leading active lifestyle and playing sports:

  • increases ability to protein synthesis;
  • promotes reduction of the catabolic phenomena in an organism;
  • burns fat deposits;
  • helps recovery process after the physical occupations;
  • promotes production of insulin.

It will be useful for you to learn more about sports food of BCAA.

VSAA recommend to accept since morning before the breakfast, before and after a training and also during physical occupations. The standard daily rate of intake of such medicine has to be not less than 30 g.

The consumption rate of 5-10 grams recommended in the instruction for application to VSAA to an ektomorf will not yeild tangible result. It is desirable for VSAA to accept with one more amino acid — glutamine. It is especially necessary at intake of vitamins and minerals.

Rules of food for a set of muscle bulk

For increase in muscularity the ektomorfa should follow the following rules:

  • there are each 2–3 hours and to do having a snack in intervals, not to forget to eat also food for the night. As this somatotip of people often has no appetite, meal needs to be carried out with a great effort;
  • do not eat too much food at one time. Food has to be fractional, but without overeating;
  • the most part of the consumed products have to include carbohydrates and fats. These are pasta, porridges, bakery products, creamy and vegetable oil, nutlets;
  • to provide intake of protein at the rate of 2 g on 1 kg of lump;
  • not to forget about vegetables and fruit which well promote process of digestion and provide intake of vitamins and minerals;

Important! Big physical activities in gym promote a big consumption of vitamins and mineral elements that leads to decrease in functions of the immune system. It has negative effect on an organism of the athlete and leads to appearance of frequent colds and infections therefore experts recommend to accept at regular jobs by sport vitamin and mineral complexes for all year.

  • to include in the menu an omega fats — linen, olive and other vegetable oils, cod-liver oil and fat fish;
  • exclude fast food, junk or heavy food from a diet. But pizza, hamburgers can be made most with use of products, useful to health;
  • to drink not less than 3 liters of purified water a day. It will improve exchange processes and will promote growth of muscles.

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Example of the menu for an ektomorf

Let's consider the approximate menu for an ektomorf in the following table:




250 ml of water, sweet fruit (1 banana, apricot or sweet apple)


Oat-flakes porridge of 60 g, chicken meat of 30 g, 1 tablespoon of oil of a flax, 1 tsp of honey.


Rice porridge of 60 g, chicken meat of 30 g, 1 egg, cucumbers, 1 tsp of honey.


Rice porridge of 50 g, chicken meat of 40 g, tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 banana.


Porridge of 50 g, meat of chicken of 40 g, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, glass of apple juice.


Rice porridge of 60 g, meat of chicken of 30 g, 1 egg, 1 tsp of olive oil, tea with 1 tsp of honey.


Meat of beef or pork of 40 g, Oat-flakes porridge of 80 g, vegetable salad, 1 tsp of olive oil.


Training — drink more water.


2 banana or peach.


Oat-flakes porridge of 70 g, meat of beef of 50 g, boiled broccoli, 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of honey.


Rice porridge of 40 g, tuna of 40 g, 1 whole egg, vegetable salad, glass of apple or orange juice.


Rice porridge of 30 g, meat of chicken of 40 g, tomatoes.


Cottage cheese of 150 g.

Completely it is optional to adhere to this menu, it is possible to change its components. The main thing — observance of recommendations about a food allowance and the choice of healthy food.

Power loadings and the correct diet, use of sports food can help ektomorfa to gain muscular weight. It is necessary to count correctly daily calories and to make a diet.

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