How to choose walking skis

How to choose walking skis

To please itself with walk in the snow-covered park in the winter or to receive the cheerfulness charge, having rolled down from the high mountain, it is necessary to have special equipment: skis and sticks. And if to choose sticks doesn't make usually big work, with skis the situation is much more difficult.

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1. Walking skis get those who like to make long foot walks on the winter forest, to keep the shape, running on the ski track or just prefers to all other types of rest rolling from mountains in the winter. Therefore, the choice of skis for such entertainments has to correspond to needs of the person. Pay attention to ski width – this parameter often escapes from attention of average citizens. Walking skis have to be wider usual amateur as mean sliding on friable snow without ski track. For the same reason such skis have big weight. On thin sports cross-country skis you will just roll in the first snowdrift, and here walking skis are capable to cope with similar test.

2. Surely choose skis with notches. It will defend them in possible slipping and will add stability in various conditions. The speed, how many endurance and force is important for walking skis not so much. It doesn't mean that your skis have to be wide and short as hunting, but also you shouldn't stop the choice on excessively long and easy skis too. Once again think of for what you are going to use this adaptation and safely choose that it is necessary for you.

3. Length of skis often is objects of mass disputes of professionals and fans. There are special tables and formulas of calculation of their length depending on growth and the weight of the person. In fact you shouldn't stuff yourself the head with formulas. Remember the simple rule: if you have no problems with excess weight, skis need to be chosen the average width and approximately identical height with own growth. If you the difficult person, narrow and long skis can just not stand you. Therefore choose them slightly well and more widely.

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