How quickly to lose weight without wearisome diets?

How quickly to lose weight without wearisome diets?

To get rid of extra kilos and to support the body in shape, in the life it is necessary to introduce very little. And it is not so painful deprivations, I pleasant and healthy habits which will help you to lose weight extremely quickly!

1. Make sure that the protein is present praktchiyesk at each your dish – not only that it helps you to feel saturation long enough, but also promotes stabilization of level of sugar in blood so to you it won't be wanted to eat something sweet from time to time. 3. Eat more vegetables, especially – dark green color, for example, of spinach, broccoli and cabbage. In them many nutritive matters sodezhitsya, and they for a long time I eliminate feeling of hunger.

4. Give preference to plates of the smaller size, often overeating is the reason of obesity, and actually it is necessary for your organism much less calories.

5. With the high content of sugar (bananas, pineapples, grapes) it is better for fruit and berries to prefer in what the content of glucose is less, for example, than plum, cherry, bilberry.6. Trainings don't have to be wearisome – enough only 8 minutes of power loadings 3 times a week and 10 minutes of cardio-loadings 2-3 times a week. 7. Your main course has to look approximately so: vegetables, a quarter – meat, fish or a bird, and other quarter – a garnish have to occupy a half of a plate. 8. Have a green tea, it helps to burn fat, and especially – around a waist. If you don't like taste of a green tea, accept its extract in capsules. ‘9. Limit consumption of bread to several pieces a week. And white it is better to prefer bread of a rough grinding, for example, from rye flour.10. Right after awakening eat a protein (for the first breakfast). Motivate yourself with the fact that right after awakening your body is ready for combustion of fat, and in this way it will work till the second breakfast when you eat a few carbohydrates for charging energiyey11. Drink waters at the rate of not less than 1 liter on each 20 kg of the weight.12. Limit consumption of preserved foods, try to eat exclusively freshly cooked products.13. Don't refuse salt, it is necessary for water-salt balance of our organism, but don't eat it too much at all – otherwise liquid will begin to be late in an organism.14. Alcohol – here where calories hide! The glass of wine contains about 150 calories. So be attentive at parties! 15. Prefer healthy having a snack to chocolate bars – dried fruits or nuts, for example, perfectly will be suitable for charging energy in intervals between the main meals. 16. Eat a piece of pineapple or one grapefruit every day. Scientists found in them enzymes which stimulate splitting of fats.17. Get enough sleep. 8-9 hours of a dream are necessary every night in order that your body didn't patatsya to compensate missing energy by excess food.18. In any couple don't starve! Have to be a minimum of the used calories 1200 a day, in the return case your organism will decide to slow down metabolism, and the risk to get fat from small portions considerably will increase subsequently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team