Sour fritters or fritters on amasi

Sour fritters or fritters on amasi

If milk turned sour, you shouldn't mourn. It is an occasion to be glad to the fact that now you can prepare a tasty dessert and indulge themselves and all family with a great breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Sour fritters turn out magnificent, tasty. They can be sweet or with meat. Make them with forcemeat, then at you the full-fledged rich dish will turn out. It consists of the following products: Dough:

- 300 g of flour; - 3 eggs;

- on 1 tsp of sugar and salt; - 350 g of amasi; - 1.5 tsps of soda;

Stuffing: - 400 g pork, chicken, indyushachy or pork ground beef; - 10 g of greens; - ¼ tsps of spices for meat; - 1 head of onions.

For frying take flavourless vegetable oil.

Pour in milk in a pan, hammer eggs, mix a nimbus, add salt, sugar, soda, again mix. Now begin to pour in the small portions into liquid weight a sifted flour, continuing to mix dough a nimbus. You can use the mixer in a conversion process of ingredients in homogeneous mass. Crush the peeled and washed out onions in the blender, add it to forcemeat, pour salt and if you wish, pepper. There put the crushed greens, spices, by means of a spoon vent weight. Pour oil in a frying pan, take a tablespoon dough, spread it in hot fat, leaving an interval in 2 cm. From above on each small pancake put on a teaspoon with the mound of forcemeat, cover with a test tablespoon. Fry fritters from two parties to an appetizing golden crust. If you want to bake fritters according to the classical recipe without stuffing, use the following. For it it is necessary to take: - 350 ml of amasi; - 1.5 glasses of wheat flour; - 2 eggs; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - salt pinch; - 0.5 tsps of soda; - vegetable oil for frying. Pour sugar into a bowl, hammer eggs there, shake up the mixer, add milk, carefully mix. Separately, in a pan or a deep bowl, mix flour with soda. Gradually pour a dry-mix into liquid, intensively working with a nimbus or having used the mixer. When mass becomes homogeneous, apply one cunning that fritters as a result of steel magnificent. Put this container in the vessel with warm water. Thanks to it in the test vials of air are formed that will help pastries to turn out notable. Pour a little oil in a frying pan, slightly calcinate it. Spread a tablespoon dough, maintaining distance between products. Serve ready fritters at once with a heat about a heat. They will be tasty with sour cream, condensed milk, jam, honey.

It is possible to prepare quickly for fritters a sweet sauce, having mixed and having slightly shaken up sour cream with jam in a proportion 2:1.

Sweet teeth can make fritters with peaches and their tax with whipped cream. To prepare this dessert, take: - 1.5 glasses of wheat flour; - 2 large eggs; - 250 g of amasi; - on 0.5 tsps of salt, baking powder and soda; - 3 peaches; - 2 tablespoons of the kindled desi; - sweet whipped cream, mint leaves for registration of a dish. Pour sugar, soda, salt and baking powder into flour, mix. In other capacity mix milk with eggs and the kindled oil. In flour mix pour in liquid, mix. Cut each peach on 10 segments. Lay out a little on the frying pan greased with a desi fill in everyone with a test tablespoon. Lay out the baked products on plates, slightly cool, decorate with cream and a leaflet of mint.

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