How to give the form to nails

How to give the form to nails

The good appearance is important for any woman. How she will look, her mood and self-confidence depends. In female shape there are no trifles. Clothes, make-up, hairstyle and, of course, hands are important, and it is specific - beautiful and well-groomed nails. How it is correct to give them the form and luster?

It is required to you

  • File, magnifying glass, wax.


1. Before beginning registration of nails, decide on what form is pleasant to you more. You should not do it, being guided only by styles. You will choose that which will be close to you on internal feelings with what you will feel comfortable.

2. Visually provide the future manicure. The imagined contour will be for you certain management and will help to make movements by more exact.

3. Before registration be convinced that the file in good condition and has not lost the qualities. If the working surface of file is already erased, then surely buy new. Do not save and buy manicure tools of famous brands.

4. Process nails only at good lighting. Try to arrange light source so that it is good to see all process of work at any its stage. Whenever possible use magnifying glass. With its help you will be able to consider and eliminate all defects.

5. You keep file under inclination. Direct its plane under nail. Such way of podpilivaniye will allow to prevent stratification of nails and will provide absence zazubrinok on tips.

6. The filing movements have to be easy and careful. Excessive pressure can become the reason of stratification of fibers of nail plate. And nails will be further fragile.

7. You should not begin to file nails from sides over nail bed at once. It is necessary to leave about 2 mm. At this distance the nail has to continue to grow directly. Recede and begin to process nail contours.

8. It is possible to make movements by file only in one direction. At first process nail on the left side to the center, and then in the same way - from right.

9. In conclusion eliminate roughnesses and if desired grease tips of nails with wax. Such procedure will strengthen them and will make firmer. It is simple to give good shape to nails. Make a few efforts, accuracies and you will be owner of the most beautiful claws.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team