How to avoid the reek of alcohol

How to avoid the reek of alcohol

After a good holiday with the sea of alcohol always there comes morning when many people have unpleasant feelings from a hangover. At the same time the reek of alcohol which can complicate communication with people around happens the main problem often.


1. First of all, it is necessary to understand that an unpleasant odor from a mouth – only a consequence. The reason is more deeply, that is in a stomach. Therefore to get rid of the reek of alcohol, it is necessary to remove from it the aldehydes which were stale there at first.

2. The most known and easy way eliminate the reek of alcohol is a cabbage or cucumber brine.

3. Next morning after cheerful evening it will be useful to drink a glass of milk. The enzymes which are contained in it absorb toxins and bring aldehydes out of an organism naturally.

4. The following method to avoid the reek of alcohol – the plentiful use of liquid. In this case a green tea with a sage or mineral water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey will be the most effective. Also fresh juices will approach. As well as milk, these drinks fight directly against the reason of the reek of alcohol, that is bring hazardous substances out of an organism.

5. Big breakfast. Eat as much as possible healthy food, for example, porridge, corn flakes with milk and a citrus.

6. Glance in cases in kitchen – for certain coffee beans, muscat or walnut, a carnation, bay leaf were overlooked there. Chewing of these products within 10 minutes is also effective at fight against the reek of alcohol. Don't forget to rinse properly then a mouth tooth solution or just warm water.

7. For destruction of the reek of alcohol it is possible to use linen, sunflower or oil of walnut. They envelop a mucous membrane of a mouth and don't allow an unpleasant odor to extend outside.

8. The fresh or dried-up parsley perfectly fights against the reek of alcohol therefore it not superfluous will be to eat also it.

9. And the last. Before the exit from the house chew chewing gum. But only fruit! The fact is that mint chewing gum will only strengthen an unpleasant odor from a mouth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team