How to cook a sea-buckthorn

How to cook a sea-buckthorn

The bright orange sea-buckthorn has a unique slightly acid flavor. It is rich with natural oils and vitamins, from it it is possible to cook tasty kissels, jelly, jam and jams. Appetizing preparations from a sea-buckthorn can be reserved for the winter or to use at once after preparation – their gustatory qualities anyway will be on the ball.

It is required to you

  • Kissel from a sea-buckthorn:
    • 800 g of a sea-buckthorn;
    • 1 glass of sugar;
    • 2 tablespoons of potato starch;
    • Sea-buckthorn jelly:
    • 1 kg of a sea-buckthorn;
    • 900 g of sugar.
    • Sea-buckthorn jam:
    • 5 glasses of sugar;
    • 1 glass of water;
    • 800 g of a sea-buckthorn.


1. From a fresh or frozen berries it is possible to cook tasty vitamin kissel. Wash up a sea-buckthorn and dry, having scattered it on a clean towel. Lay out berries in the colander laid by a gauze, and you press them a masher or a spoon, wringing out juice. Squeeze out alburnum and lay out in a deep pan.

2. Fill in water in a pan. You cook a residue on moderate fire. When liquid becomes orange, slightly cool it, filter it and again bring to the boil. In hot liquid pour out the squeezed-out sea-buckthorn juice and add sugar. Stir to full sugar remelting. In a glass pour out starch and fill in it with cold water, having carefully stirred. Pour out starched mix in kissel, constantly stirring slowly with it, and remove a pan from fire. Pour a hot beverage on glasses and cool to room temperature.

3. For long-term storage it is possible to prepare tasty storage.

4. One more option of sea-buckthorn preparations – jam. Weld sugar syrup and waters. Lay out clean and dry berries of a sea-buckthorn in a pan and fill in them with hot syrup. Leave mix to infuse within three hours and place a pan on the warmed plate. You cook berries of 10-15 minutes, remove from fire and leave for half an hour. Again put a pan on fire, bring to the boil and boil thoroughly mix of 10 minutes. Pour ready jam on the sterilized banks and close glass or plastic covers.

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