How to cook black tiger shrimps

How to cook black tiger shrimps

Black tiger shrimps are popular among judges of seafood long ago. Thanks to the huge sizes, unusual taste and high content of useful protein to prepare and eat they are it is a pleasure.

It is required to you

  • black tiger shrimps - 500 g;
    • desi - 150 g;
    • soy-bean garlic sauce - 100 ml;
    • lemon;
    • lime;
    • olives - 100 g;
    • sugar and salt to taste.


1. It is possible to make black tiger shrimps in the most usual way, having boiled in salty water, having added some spice and having sprinkled a lemon. But this seafood in a fried look will be most tasty.

2. If you got shrimps in the frozen look, they need to be defrozen completely before preparation. For this purpose put shrimps in cold water, without pulling out from a package, or just leave in a plate on the lower shelf of the fridge. Then wash out them from possible dirt.

3. Accurately clean shrimps from an armor, without mentioning it on a tail. After that place them in a soup plate, fill in from above with a soy-bean garlic sauce, salt, cover and leave in the fridge for 1 hour. Pay attention that sauce already contains salt.

4. On the expiration of this time kindle a desi in well calcinated frying pan, and then lay out in it shrimps, previously having got them from a soy-bean sauce. Roast them on big fire about 2 minutes from each party.

5. Then sprinkle seafood lemon juice, cover a frying pan, reduce fire, and leave to pine within 2 more minutes.

6. After that lay out ready tiger shrimps on a dish, having decorated it at the edges with lime segments, branches of parsley and olives. And from above water with their sauce which remained in a frying pan.

7. Less high-calorie black tiger shrimps dish can be received if to make them in an oven. For this purpose pickle shrimps in a soy-bean garlic sauce with addition of a small amount of sugar, and place in the fridge for 1 hour.

8. After that get them on skewers, and then thrust into the oven warmed up to the temperature of 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

9. Get from an oven, put on a dish, and give them in the form of hot appetizer to cold white wine.

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