How to make standings

How to make standings

Standings represent the set of results of any competition (championship/championship) in relation to the list of all participants sorted by the certain criterion (for example, the number of points scored or the number of the gained victories).

1. Speaking mathematical language, standings are the two-dimensional matrix at which the competitions given about participants are down developed, and across – the list of the indicators influencing the place of each of participants in the table. For a start you need to define participants of the tournament. Then you have to define the list of indicators by which you will determine the place of the participant in standings. Can be such indicators: total number of tours, the number of the gained victories, the number of defeats, the number of points scored and other indicators depending on competitive activity of a concrete type.

2. Define the key indicator and also set importance of each of the remained indicators (arrange them in the hierarchical order: from more important to less important). It is necessary in order that at equality on the key indicator at two or several participants to determine their situation in the table by additional indicators.

3. Determine the principle of definition of the winner of the tournament by standings: - the maximum sum on the indicator at equality of the held rounds at all participants; - maximum sum on the indicator without tours.

4. After each tour you enter information on results of each participant of competitions in standings, that is, fill out columns with all designated indicators. After that sort the table by the key indicator, and then and by additional indicators. Thus, you receive standings in which the leader will be the one who is located in the table above competitors.

5. After holding the last tour and turning aside of its results in the table, define the winner of the competition. Pay attention that by drawing up final standings it is necessary to consider the principle of definition of the winner of the tournament. If the competition is held on the Olympic system (on the relegation), it doesn't make sense to make the table therefore the result will define not the set of indicators, but result of concrete opposition.

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