How to cook carrots: recipes and councils of hostesses

How to cook carrots: recipes and councils of hostesses

Young carrots contain a large amount of vitamins and useful substances. The huge amount of vitamin B which not only improves sight but also promotes clarification of an organism and strengthening hair a follicle. Most of doctors recommend daily, to drink on an empty stomach a glass of a fresh carrot juice.

It is possible to buy carrots during the whole year at the affordable price. It is possible to make carrots differently: bake, make cake and even jam. The jam received from carrots, tastes like tangerine.

To make this jam it will be required:

  • One to one to buy carrots and lemons.
  • The available products need to be washed up then to cut lemons and to remove from them stones. It isn't necessary to rind a lemon.
  • Carrots are cleaned.
  • Then via the meat grinder pass both a lemon and carrots. Add sugar in an equal proportion to the received mix.
  • Cook morkovsledut on moderate fire, periodically stirring slowly, all process occupies about half an hour. Then it is possible to add vanillin to taste and to spread out on clean banks. Such jam will pleasantly surprise your guests.

If you aren't on friendly terms" with the meat grinder, then it is possible to use the blender. It will allow you to save the time. Also it is possible to make carrots in the form of cake. To make such cake it is required:

  • 4-6 eggs at which it is necessary to separate egg yolks and whites.
  • Add a glass of sugar, a salt pinch, vanillin and a lemon dried peel to yolks to taste.
  • All received weight is shaken up before foam texturization. Then foam is mixed with a glass of the fresh wiped carrots, add 100 grams of starch and the peeled nuts. Almonds can be replaced walnut, cedar or peanut.
  • Squirrels cool in the fridge then shake up in foam and add to other weight.

Prepare a baking dish further, oiling it, sprinkle with flour and pour out the prepared weight in a form. Prepare in the oven warmed up to 150-180 degrees within twenty minutes. Readiness is checked a puncture of the middle of cake a toothpick if it remains dry, cake is ready. If pieces of cake stick, it is necessary to wait about 10 minutes. When the form is taken from an oven, it is better to put it on a wet towel, it will be so more convenient to take cake from a form. It is possible to add biscuit cream or jam to the received cake to taste. 

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