How to cook layered cocktails

How to cook layered cocktails

Already by one name it is easy to guess that layered cocktails are drinks where ingredients are located layers, among themselves without mixing up. Such cocktails carry to didzhestiva - means, promoting digestion. Earlier layered cocktails accepted at the end of a party that it was easier for organism to digest everything that came to it throughout a feast. But nevertheless it isn't recommended to abuse them.

Grand Canyon cocktail Structure:

- 15 ml of the Crem De Cassis liqueur; - 15 ml of the Mint liqueur;

- 15 ml of the "Whyte Krem De Ment" liqueur; - 15 ml of the Chartreuse liqueur; - 15 ml of a grenadine syrup; - 10 ml of brandy. Pour components in a glass layers in such sequence: grenadine syrup, Chartreuse liqueur, further "Krem de Cassis" and "Whyte of Krem de Ment", then peppermint-flavored liqueur. In the conclusion pour in brandy, don't mix.

Apple Pie cocktail Structure: - 25 ml of the Benedektin liqueur; - 15 ml of an apple jack; - small amount of cream. Pour in a glass layers liqueur, then brandy. Drip a little cream in the center of cocktail, for this purpose use a straw. At once give. Quicksand cocktail Structure: - 40 ml of gin; - 25 ml of the Peppermint liqueur; - 20 ml of caraway tincture. Pour in a glass layers gin, afterwards liqueur and tincture. This cocktail should be drunk when the layer of liqueur reaches a glass bottom. Irish cocktail Structure: - 20 ml of the Beyliz liqueur; - 20 ml of brandy; - 20 ml of Wilde of Torquay whisky; - 30 ml of whipped cream. Pour the listed drinks in the following order layers: liqueur, whisky, brandy. Decorate ready cocktail from above with whipped cream, don't mix.

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