How to count the caloric content of a ready-to-eat meal

How to count the caloric content of a ready-to-eat meal

Most often the question of how to calculate dish caloric content, disturbs those who try to control weight by means of respect for a certain number of the calories which are contained in a daily diet. To calculate the number of calories, it is necessary to have certain skills and to be guided by number of the calories which are contained in any given product.

It is required to you

  • - the table of caloric content of products, - the calculator,
  • - a notebook and the writing means for fixing of results.


1. To calculate dish caloric content, accurate knowledge of all its ingredients is required. Therefore it is the simplest to make similar calculation in house conditions as in cafe it is possible to calculate dish caloric content only "on trust" because the exact quantity of components contains only in menu spreading.

2. Exact calculation of caloric content assumes maintaining the food diary which facilitates obtaining information on the caloric content of any given ingredient. For search of values of caloric content of products it is possible to address books on the housekeeping or the websites offering the calculator of calories. The principle of action is uniform and is based on a usual mathematical proportion. The caloric content of 100 grams of that product from which it is supposed to prepare a dish is taken into account. That is, if meat is stewed with vegetables, then it is necessary to put the caloric content of mass of meat, vegetables and oil on which everything is extinguished. After that it is necessary to weigh the final mass of a dish and it, together with accounting of caloric content, to divide into quantity of portions.

3. Sometimes it isn't as simple to calculate the caloric content of dishes as it seems. Usual pasta increase in volumes in preparation time at least twice. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle suffer a question of how to calculate calories in this case. Everything is very simple: the mass of a ready-to-eat meal is weighed and commensurated with the table of caloric content. Then for obtaining value of energy value of a concrete portion it is necessary to divide lump into number of guests.

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