How to diversify a breakfast

How to diversify a breakfast

What to replace morning sandwich and coffee with so that the breakfast was useful, and energy lasted for a long time?

 Not for nothing say: ""Have breakfast as the king"". The very first meal is very important for an organism: he loads you with energy for the whole day, disperses metabolism, lightens the mood, even improves memory and attention, saves from a stress and excess weight. Therefore it is very important to fill your breakfast with slow carbohydrates, proteins, nonsaturated fats, i.e. all substances necessary for normal functioning of an organism.

Breakfast options

     1. Champion's breakfast

All long ago known porridge. Today its choice on shelves of shops is huge: the instant, demanding cookings are also not present, with fruit, with nuts and with other fillers. The best choice - the simplest, that is without additives and not instant, with large integral flakes. 

To train her it is possible to cook differently, for example, on milk or water. But, you see, there isn't always enough time since morning and if to prepare in the evening, then in the morning she will be already tasteless. Then to come to the rescue the sutra is to fill in with milk or water the second option, to allow to stand and then to warm up in the microwave. As a result you receive soft flakes. 

At the same time you can quietly add to your plate fruit (bananas, oranges, apples and everything that is pleasant to you), nuts (cashew, walnut, peanut), dried fruits, honey or peanut paste. 

  • Small secret. For those who aren't aware yet: you can be engaged in preparation of ""lazy"" porridge. You need bank, a cup or a mug, porridge or oat flakes, yogurt or milk, fruit, berries, seeds of a chia and anything. Further begin to stack all ingredients layers in any order. After that you put in the fridge for the night and since morning you receive very tasty and fast breakfast.

     2. It is more than eggs

Don't forget about omelets and fried eggs. Only you remember that if you fry, then do it in a non-stick frying pan without oil. And on sweet it is possible to add sandwich from whole-grain bread with honey or fruit to such breakfast.

    3. Unusual pancakes

Besides that you can do pancakes and fritters by rules of healthy food, you also can make pancakes from porridge. In certain circles they are called ""овсяноблин"". Their recipe is simple: oat flour (with flakes it will be not so good though it is possible), eggs, sweetener or sweetener (and it is better to sweeten nothing), plus some add milk. You mix ingredients and on a non-stick frying pan without oil. 

When they are ready, you can make something like a dyonner: inwrap in him cheese, a chicken, vegetables. And you can eat with honey and fruit.

  • And still there are ""proteinaceous"" pancakes. You will need only proteins from eggs and a salt pinch. But such option will be suitable for having a snack in the second half of day more.

    4. Cookies

Such option will suit those who didn't get used to have breakfast densely, and has only fast a bite and runs on affairs (that, of course, is absolutely bad). You need porridge, banana and cottage cheese. To mix everything and to send to an oven. Will be suitable also for having a snack in the first half of day and in general is good replacement to store pastries.

Have breakfast richly and variously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team