How to fry walnuts

How to fry walnuts

Walnuts differ in a delicate, pleasant flavor. They can be eaten independently or to add to various dishes – from cakes to sauces. That the taste of nuts became more saturated, they are recommended to be fried.

It is required to you

  • the hammer or nippers for splitting of nuts;
    • frying pan;
    • deep bowl;
    • boiled water;
    • microwave oven.


1. Before processing nuts need to be shelled. Split them by means of the hammer or special nippers. That the strong shell became more pliable, before processing nuts can be taken in the freezer. If you need equal halves of kernels, act very accurately that not to damage them.

2. Exempt kernels from the remains of a shell and rigid internal partitions. After that they can be blanched, exempting from the thin, a little tasting bitter film. Place the peeled nuts in a deep bowl and fill in them with boiled water. Take a couple of minutes, drain water and shift kernels to a rough towel. Rub them palms through fabric – the thin film will quickly descend.

3. Now nuts are ready to roasting. Put a big frying pan on slow fire. A thin layer scatter on it kernels. Fry them 15-20 minutes, constantly mixing a silicone or wooden rake. You watch that nuts didn't burn. If you need to process many kernels, fry them in stages.

4. Roasting can be carried out also in an oven. Spread out nuts on a baking sheet and place it in previously warmed oven. Fry kernels about 15 minutes. To understand whether nuts are ready, try them. If it seems to you that they are dampish, continue roasting. Few times the kernels laid on a leaf should be mixed.

5. It isn't less convenient to process nuts in the microwave oven. Spread out them on a flat plate. Turn on the furnace for 8-10 minutes. Consider that the kernels prepared in the microwave have a little other, more delicate taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team