How to make blackcurrant tincture

How to make blackcurrant tincture

Home-made tincture is tasty and useful. For its preparation artificial fragrances and dyes aren't used that is very valuable. It is enough to put necessary amount of ingredients in a large bottle, to wait 2-4 weeks and it is possible to begin tasting.

It is required to you

  • - blackcurrant;
  • - sugar;
  • - vodka;
  • - glass container with a cover.


1. Tincture will help out when on a kitchen garden a big harvest of currant. It is possible to buy berries for drink in the market. Some volunteers during harvesting work at Institutes of gardening, Botanical gardens and receive a remuneration for the work in the form of fragrant berries.

2. There are several recipes tincturesfor from currant. Here the first. If currant from the kitchen garden and clean, then it can be not washed. On a surface of berries and fruit there are substances helping the best fermentation. Purchased it is necessary to wash.

3. Pour out berries in a glass jar and fill up with sugar from a proportion 1:1. Deliver a container for a month to the sun. To bank periodically stir up. After that syrup is filtered. On one its part pour 2-3 parts of vodka, depending on desirable fortress.

4. The second recipe. Half of liter of vodka mixes up with 150 grams of sugar, the glass of currant and 10 currant sheets is added there. Everything pours out in a bottle and goes away for 3-4 weeks to the dark place. After that blackcurrant tincture is filtered through kapron or a threefold layer of a gauze and tasted.

5. In the third recipe currant won't ferment therefore it is better to wash out it. Bring two glasses of berries, a glass of granulated sugar and a glass of water on fire to boiling. Don't forget to stir slowly weight and to scum.

6. When syrup cools down, crush berries by means of a masher and fill in sweet weight with a half-liter bottle of vodka. Remove to the dark place. In 3 weeks, tincture will be ready.

7. Do medical tincture of buds of blackcurrant. For this purpose kidneys press a masher, put them in bank or a bottle and pour vodka. On 1 part the honor is taken by 3 parts of vodka. All infuses week in the dark place. Accept 50 drops three times a day.

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