How to make chorba from pork

How to make chorba from pork

Chorba call rich soup which is often cooked in the east. At different cultures the dish is known under the names "sorpa", "chorba", "sorba". Traditionally chorba was cooked in a cauldron on a shive therefore the dish had especially interesting taste which is slightly giving smoke.

Products necessary for preparation of chorba

Chorba – the traditional east dish differing in high fat content and a large number of greens. For preparation of classical option of soup mutton is necessary. However chorba from pork, beef, chicken and fish quite often meets.

To prepare a kovurpa, chorba from the fried pork, the following ingredients are necessary: 500 g of pork, 700 g of potatoes, 2 heads of onions, 2 carrots, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, spices, 1.5-2 liters of meat soup, fresh greens, salt, vegetable oil.

Spices which are recommended to be used for preparation of chorba: cumin, paprika, black pepper, basil. In some regions add a quince, apples, plum and dried apricots to chorba. It is better to make meat soup for soup in advance, using pork bones. Broth has to be transparent therefore it surely should be filtered.

The recipe of chorba from pork

The onions are cleaned from a peel and, having chopped straws, fry on vegetable oil before receiving a golden shade. Pork is cut small pieces and fried before receiving a ruddy crust. Then, meat is mixed with onions and add to them the carrots cut in cubes and also tomato sauce. It is necessary to remember that vegetables for chorba need to be cut quite largely, otherwise the dish will remind usual soup. All ingredients continue to fry 5-6 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. The prepared ingredients shift in a pan with a double bottom or a cauldron and fill in with meat soup. The pan is put on strong fire and bring broth to the boil. During this time clean potatoes and cut in small cubes. As soon as soup begins to boil, add potatoes, salt and spices to it to taste. Preparation of chorba from pork is continued by 20-25 more minutes until there are soft potatoes. One couple of minutes prior to preparation it is possible to add to a cauldron of 2-3 bay leaves impacting a pungent flavor to east dish and integral branches of parsley. Before giving to a table of a branch of greens it is necessary to get from a cauldron. Ready soup is strewed the fresh parsley which is small cut by greens or cilantro. There is an option of preparation of chorba without preliminary roasting of meat, a kaynatm. In this case from it cook broth, carefully removing a skin. When meat is ready, add the fried vegetables to it. However broth in such soup often turns out hazy.

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