How to make drink from goji berries for weight loss

How to make drink from goji berries for weight loss

Goji berries are known for the unique structure including a number of valuable amino acids, vitamins of the PP, C, B, E group, iron, iodine, carotene, a betaine, chrome, zinc, copper and other useful elements. Broad application of berries is explained by positive effect and positive influence on an organism in general. The drink from a godzha taken in the course of weight loss is especially popular.

It is required to you

  • – 20 g of dry goji berries;
  • – 3-4 dry crusts of tangerine or orange;
  • – cinnamon stick;
  • – 3 glasses of hot boiled water.


1. Prepare all ingredients in advance. Berries it is desirable to wash previously several times a baking plate with flowing water. Buy qualitative cinnamon for the recipe. Otherwise drink can taste bitter.

2. Take a clean thermos or a glass jar. Connect all components and put on a bottom. Fill in with abrupt boiled water. Berries will rise upward at once. It demonstrates to naturalness of a product. Wait about 3 hours in order that liquid infused.

3. At will it is possible to add a honey teaspoon. An astringent sweetish flavor with citrus notes – sign of correctly made drink which should be drunk courses for three months twice a day.

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