How to make fillet of a turkey in an oven

How to make fillet of a turkey in an oven

The turkey is a tasty, useful, dietary meat. It easily is acquired and digested. Distinguishes it from all another magnificent taste. At preparation of a turkey it is necessary to use such additives as dried apricots and raisin. These products add to meat savor and are an additional source of potassium. Meat of a turkey will become more gentle if before preparation from within to rub it with a lemon.

It is required to you

  • fillet of a turkey;
    • salt (70 g);
    • sugar (50 g);
    • bell pepper (1.5 tablespoons);
    • caraway seeds (1/2 tablespoons);
    • onions (2 pieces);
    • garlic (4 cloves);
    • vegetable oil (100 g);
    • sour cream (100 g);
    • flour (80 g);
    • cube ""Magicians"" chicken (half);
    • water (0.5 articles);
    • dry white wine (1 article);
    • lemon (1/2);
    • cheese (150 g);
    • champignons (150 g);
    • desi (30 g).
    • Ware:
    • pan;
    • cut board;
    • knife;
    • frying pan;
    • chesnokodavka;
    • heat-resistant baking pan;
    • food foil.


1. Make sauce in which then wet fillet turkeys pieces.

2. For its preparation take a small saucepan, pour water into it.

3. Add sugar, salt, bell pepper, caraway seeds. Prevent.

4. Peel onions. Take a cut board cut two bulbs in half.

5. Then take a chesnokodavka and squeeze out 4 garlic gloves.

6. Add garlic and onions to a pan. Prevent.

7. After that put fillet of a turkey in the made sauce and soak it within a day.

8. Get the soaked fillet from solution, wash out, dry.

9. Take a cut board and cut a turkey on flank steaks.

10. Put a frying pan on fire. Pour in it vegetable oil and fry fillet before formation of a light crust.

11. After that fry champignons a little.

12. Until is meat is fried, make sauce.

13. For this purpose take a frying pan, pour in it a little oil and fill torments. Fry a little.

14. Add sour cream, half a glass of the divorced chicken broth and a glass of white wine to flour. Mix. Bring to the boil.

15. After sauce turns into homogeneous mass, remove it from a plate.

16. Take the whole lemon, cut it in half. Squeeze out juice from one half.

17. Then take a grater and small grate cheese.

18. Add lemon juice and a desi to the made sauce.

19. Take a heat-resistant baking pan, put in it fillet of a turkey. Water from above with the made sauce.

20. Put champignons on sauce and strew all with a grated cheese.

21. Close a form a food foil and put in previously warmed up to 200? About an oven for 15 minutes.

22. After that remove a foil and with formation of a ruddy crust get a ready-to-eat meal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team