How to make foam milk

How to make foam milk

The cloud of gentle dairy foam first of all is associated with fragrant coffee, but experienced culinary specialists know that such skin suits not only latte and a cappuccino, but also many cocktails and even cream soups. Whether it is possible to shake up milk if you have no special coffee machine with foaming agent. It is possible, and it is very simple. There are several ways.

It is required to you

  • foaming agent for milk
    • French press
    • glass jar with a cover,
    • microwave oven.


1. By means of the milk frother. This small priborchik is familiar to much. A tiny spiralka on the handle in which two AA batteries are hidden. To shake up to them foam, at first milk should be heated. It is important not to boil milk but only to bring to temperature at which it isn't safe to touch it any more.

2. Remove milk from fire, we pour in a high and narrow vessel, incline capacity a little and we lower in it foaming agent. That this procedure took place perfectly, it is necessary, first, not to forget to leave in your vessel the place for foam, that is milk has to occupy no more than 1/3 volumes, and secondly, not to mix an operations procedure. At first lower a priborchik and only then include it. After a while, there is no more couple of minutes, at you magnificent dairy foam is ready.

3. Switch off foaming agent and get it from milk. If to make everything on the contrary, you can splash not only yourself, but also all the reality surrounding you.

4. That foam became silky and dense, it is necessary to knock slightly with your vessel on a plain surface and few times to turn it round its pivot-center. These simple actions will remove large bubbles from a dairy skin and will make it homogeneous.

5. By means of the French press. The operations procedure when beating milk in the French press at first a little in what differs from listed above. Milk should be heated and poured also in a French press flask. Now pay attention to a plunger – the piston from spiralky under a coffee press cover – with its help to you and it is necessary to shake up milk. Hold a cover and vigorous movements of a plunger make foam dairy weight up-down. On it a little more time and efforts, than on beating by means of electric foaming agent, but foam, of course, will leave if is not to forget "knock and twist" same gentle and weightless.

6. One more way to receive an appetizing skin is to use an ordinary glass jar with a cover and the microwave oven. In this case it isn't necessary to heat milk. Fill in it in bank so that it occupied no more than a half of all volume, close to bank a cover.

7. Begin to shake vigorously to bank until milk doesn't foam and won't increase in volume twice.

8. Without uncovering with banks, put it in the microwave oven for one minute in the heating mode. The microwave stabilizes foam and will warm up milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team