How to make home-made vodka

How to make home-made vodka

Vodka is the traditional Russian alcoholic drink made on the basis of water and ethyl alcohol. Process of production of vodka begins with preparation of home brew which is overtaken via the steam device thereof process vodka turns out. The best raw materials for its preparation the rye is considered. Therefore grain vodka - the most popular and qualitative, try to make it in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • 1) 30 liters of water
    • 4 kg. rye grain
    • 50 гр. yeast.
    • 2) 2 kg. 800 гр. honey (the 4th banks on 70 grams)
    • 3 liters of any syrup
    • 300 гр. yeast
    • 27 liters of water.


1. For preparation of vodka you need rather big and capacious capacity. In this capacity we pour 10 liters of hot boiled water. The mandatory requirement in preparation of vodka is water quality (the rigidity shouldn't exceed 4mg/ekv.). Carefully to wash and dry up grain. Fill up in ware with water 4 kg. and properly to mix grains. After that to add 10 more liters of hot water, to mix once again. After a while to add 10 liters of cold water to the same capacity. Add gram50 yeast, mix, cover and leave home brew to infuse within three days. 3 days later the received home brew needs to be overtaken via the steam device. At you excellent quality grain vodka which needs to be poured on bottles will turn out and to give on holidays to a table.

2. All can make in house conditions the known vodka a baking plate by the name "Mead". Mix in big ware all necessary ingredients – honey, yeast, syrup and water. Cover and insist in the warm place about a week. After that to overtake via the steam device. The well-known and fragrant Mead vodka which can be served by family holidays will turn out.

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