How to make nut sauce

How to make nut sauce

Even the most usual dish can be transformed so that it will become capable to decorate with itself and a holiday table. It is the simplest to make it by means of sauce. And for sauce any rare or expensive ingredients won't be necessary, it can quite consist of usual products which you without effort buy in any supermarket. For example, from hazelnuts.

It is required to you

  • 2 pieces of white loaf;
    • 40 g of hazelnuts:
    • 5 tablespoons of chicken broth;
    • 2 garlic gloves;
    • 4 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • 2 tsps of lemon juice;
    • 1 bunch of green onions;
    • salt


1. For preparation of sauce it is the best of all to take tostovy bread, but if that at you near at hand didn't appear, it can quite be replaced with usual white loaf or unsweetened bun which it will be necessary to peel off, having left only a crumb.

2. Wet bread in cold water for about 5-10 minutes then it should be taken out and properly to wring out from surplus of water. Place the soaked bread in a blender bowl.

3. Hazelnuts are recommended to be fried slightly for strengthening of aroma, but if you don't want to potter or you have no time, then can leave them and crude. Anyway before putting nuts on use, it will be necessary to crush them. Of course, you can buy them already and in a ground look, but fresh ground nuts possess more brisk taste and aroma. Send nuts to a bowl to bread.

4. Peel garlic, carefully crush by means of a knife or the garlic press. Add it to bread and nuts, there add ready chicken broth. Turn on the blender, crush it all prepared products to consistence of liquid puree.

5. Cut green onions thin ringlets. If at you on a windowsill the garden cress grows, its leaflets will appear as it is impossible by the way to nut sauce therefore you can add also them. Mix greens with the turned-out puree.

6. Sauce is almost ready. Season it with olive oil, add to it salt and pepper to taste. Carefully mix all ingredients.

7. And it is possible to give that here nut sauce to the most various dishes. Quite not bad it is combined with leaf lettuces, but can be very useful and to steak or beefsteak.

8. If you want to receive more pungent flavor, hazelnuts in this sauce can be replaced with walnut or even almonds. Or in general to use nut mix. Every time at the same time at you will turn out absolutely new sauce with original taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team