Potatoes dishes of Spanish cuisine: ragout with чоризо on-riokhanski

Potatoes dishes of Spanish cuisine: ragout with чоризо on-riokhanski

In Spanish cuisine special juicy pork sausages чоризо stand (chorizo) high in esteem. The main relish to sausage is impacted by paprika, it provides beautiful color of the dishes prepared with чоризо. Chorizo can be in a dry-cured or raw smoked look. These sausages are eaten with sandwiches, fried in a frying pan or on naked flame, added to soups, soups and ragout. In the north of Spain, in the region of Rioja, potato ragout with чоризо – a rich and fragrant dish is popular. Once this soup was an integral part of a diet of villagers, but today she is trained everywhere.

Dishes of Spanish cuisine: ingredients for potatoes on-riokhanski

Ragout with чоризо on-riokhanski can be cooked on the big company – if the number of ingredients seems to you very large, it can be reduced safely.

- 2 kg of potatoes;

- 500 g чоризо (ideally sausages have to be from Riokhi, but will approach чоризо from any Spanish region);

- 2 large bulbs;

- 3 bay leaves;

- paprika teaspoon;

- 50 ml of olive oil;

- Cayenne pepper pinch;

- 6 garlic gloves;

- 2 liters of meat soup (or waters);

- it is a little salt (чоризо in itself rather salty therefore be accurater with salt).

Recipes of Spanish cuisine in house conditions: preparation of potatoes with чоризо on-riokhanski

Peel onions and to cut small, potatoes to clean, cut pieces of the average size. Chorizo cut about 1 centimeter thick.

In a big pan with thick walls to pour in oil, on slow fire to fry onions within 15 minutes – it has to become transparent and slightly golden, but not be overroasted.

Add to a pan чоризо, garlic gloves (it isn't necessary to clean), bay leaf. Pour paprika and add a Cayenne pepper pinch, it is good to mix that all tastes (enough 1 minute that burned nothing) connected.

Lay out potatoes, mix and fill in all with broth (water) – potato has to be closed at most on 2 fingers, further it will be possible to add broth as required.

Increase fire to a maximum. As soon as potatoes with чоризо on-riokhanski begin to boil, to lower fire, to close a pan a cover, to cook ragout in the Spanish style on average fire until ready of potatoes – 30-40 minutes. Don't forget to stir slowly fragrant soup from time to time and to add broth if necessary.

In several minutes it is until ready necessary to taste ragout and if necessary to add a little salt.

It is necessary to serve potatoes with чоризо on-riokhanski hot and it is obligatory with bread. Wine will become excellent addition to soup.

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