How to make salad with a canned peas

How to make salad with a canned peas

Green peas low-calorie, useful. It is a fine basis for salads. In a fresh or tinned look it can be combined with the mass of products and to do salads for every taste.

It is required to you

  • For light salad with a cucumber:
  • - 200 g of a canned peas;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • - 2 cucumbers of the average size;
  • - mayonnaise or sour cream of low fat content for gas station.
  • For "Sea" salad:
  • - 200 g of squids;
  • - 150 g of crabsticks;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • - 150 g of fresh red fish (trout, salmon or Siberian salmon);
  • - 150 g of green peas;
  • - 1 head of onions;
  • - mayonnaise;
  • - salt to taste.
  • For salad with mussels:
  • - 200 g of a canned peas;
  • - 250 boiled mussels;
  • - 100 g of a green salad;
  • - 1 big bulb;
  • - 100 g of mayonnaise;
  • - parsley or fennel;
  • - salt.
  • For Merchant salad:
  • - 300 g of boiled pork;
  • - 150 g of peas;
  • - 2 average napiform bulbs;
  • - 2 carrots of the average size;
  • - 160 ml of boiled water;
  • - 3 tablespoons of a table vinegar;
  • - 3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • - mayonnaise, salt.


1. Green peas are perfectly combined with a fresh cucumber, boiled eggs. It was noticed by the culinary specialists who thought up light salad. Cut into cubes cucumbers, in the same way crush boiled eggs. Add a canned peas, previously discharge from it liquid. Put mayonnaise or sour cream, slightly add some salt and give. Those who keep to a diet can use a fat-free natural yoghourt as gas station and not add yolks but only proteins. Such dish will help to be sated and find or support symmetry.

2. Try to make Sea salad. Begin to cook it from what wash out squids, lower them in the boiling water, boil within 5-7 minutes. Lower in cold water, remove a skin if it is. Cut squids thin rings. Too boil fillet of red fish, cool, cut into cubes. Rub crabsticks on a grater. The peeled onions cut thin a quarter with rings, scald it boiled water. You can use that which remained from boiling of squids. Boil eggs, cool, cut small. Lay out all this in a salad bowl, add peas, salt, mayonnaise, mix. Tasty green peas salad is ready.

3. Fans of seafood can not be limited to one salad, make light, but nutritious snack with addition of mussels. Cut boiled eggs randomly, small chop greens and onions. Wash out salad under a stream of flowing cold water, tear it hands on small pieces. Lay out these ingredients in a salad bowl. Open a peas jar, cast away it on a colander to merge liquid, add it, mussels, salt, mayonnaise to eggs, onions and greens, mix. It is possible to serve the exotic dish.

4. Make salad under the loud name "Merchant". At first make marinade. For this purpose add sugar to boiled water, stir it, pour in vinegar. Cut a bulb on thin pieces, lay out in a bowl, fill in with marinade. Leave spicy vegetable in it for 15 minutes. Wash out carrots, clean, rasp largely. Fry in a small amount of olive or flavourless vegetable oil. Cool boiled pork, cut in medium-sized cubes, put in a salad bowl. Add to it the cooled-down carrots, onions, canned green peas. Put mayonnaise, a prisolita and mix a dish. Nourishing snack is ready.

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