How to make the baked potato

How to make the baked potato

Potatoes - favourite a root crop of Russians. Its advantages are that it is perfectly combined with meat, a bird and fish, other vegetables. It can be given as a garnish or an independent dish. The baked potatoes - a great option for a light dinner which will sate, but won't leave feeling of weight.

It is required to you

  • For potatoes
    • baked under cheese:
    • potatoes of 1-1.2 kg;
    • cheese of 150-200 g;
    • vegetable oil;
    • salt;
    • Provence herbs.
    • For potatoes
    • baked entirely:
    • potatoes of 8-10 pieces;
    • garlic of 5 cloves;
    • vegetable oil;
    • parsley or fennel;
    • salt;
    • fresh ground pepper.


1. Bake potatoes with cheese. You receive a fine independent dish which will add your table. Wash up and peel potatoes. Cut it circles, but not too thick, otherwise time preparationsof dishes will last for several hours.

2. Grate cheese. For this dish choose easily melting cheese.

3. Oil a form for roasting by vegetable. Lay out in it potatoes, distribute it evenly.

4. Salt potatoes, add some spice (for example, Provence herbs), carefully mix everything. From above fill up with a dense layer of cheese.

5. Close a form a foil and send to the oven warmed up to 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. On the expiration of this time remove a foil and give to a dish of 10 more minutes in an oven for formation of an appetizing crust.

6. Taste also potatoes baked entirely. Wash up and peel potatoes. Then on each tuber from above carry out 3-4 strips by means of a knife, but it isn't too deep (approximately on 1/3). These cuts will help potatoes to become impregnated with sauce and also in the course of cooking to reveal and turn into a beautiful and unusual dish.

7. Make garlic sauce. Peel garlic, small chop greens (it is possible to combine fennel with parsley). In a deep bowl mix greens, the garlic which is passed through a chesnokodavka, salt, pepper. Fill in mix vegetable (it is possible olive) with oil. Regulate its volume depending on desirable amount of sauce. The main thing that it was enough for greasing of everything of tubers. It is desirable to allow sauce to infuse a couple of hours - so garlic will give all the taste.

8. Densely grease each tuber of potatoes with sauce. Track that sauce got into cuts.

9. Warm an oven to 200 degrees. Lay out potatoes on the baking tray oiled vegetable and put in an oven approximately for an hour. Readiness is checked on degree of ease of entry into a knife tuber. Depending on potatoes size, time can decrease or increase.

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