How to part goat milk

How to part goat milk

The best milk for feeding of children is maternal milk. However for various reasons at mom can not be milk, and it is necessary to feed the baby. Most often as substitute of female milk use milk from a cow. And whether it is possible to give to the child goat milk? Quite often children with an allergy to protein of cow's milk well transfer milk from a goat. However it is necessary to consider that small children need to part goat milk.

It is required to you

  • Pan from stainless steel or enameled
    • gauze for filtering


1. Filter a fresh milk through a marlechka. Pour it in a pan taking into account water addition.

2. Part milk in a proportion 1:1 with water for small children. It is necessary to part goat milk because it is more concentrated on mineral substances in comparison with female milk. Begin to milk on a tea spoon. If skin reactions aren't and the child normally acquires milk, you can gradually increase portions.

3. Put a pan on fire and bring to the boil. Cool milk at the room temperature. Little children can drink only boiled milk. It is more useful to children of advanced age and adults to drink a whole new milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team