How to make ashy hair color

How to make ashy hair color

It is quite difficult to achieve ashy color on dyed hair, especially if by nature you have red or yellowish-golden color. To make ashy hair color of just the same shade what you see on tube with paint it will not always turn out even if you address to hairdressing salon. That operation on coloring has taken place in house conditions successfully, you should know some secrets which masters use.


  1. The professionals familiar with coloring bases warn that at coloring hair with yellowish shade in ashy blond your hair will get greenish shade. In case before it you painted them in red or chestnut colors, the effect will be the same. To avoid it, decolour hair special structure – remover. For the hair having the intensive coloring natural or artificial it is necessary to make it repeatedly with break in several days.
  2. The ends of long hair if before you painted them many times, cut off as they have received the largest number of the painting pigment and it will be impossible to restore their live natural gloss.
  3. Pick up the ashy prepared clarified hair color. It is better to buy it in professional showroom. Consult to the selling assistant. Experts advise to choose paint in which name there is no word ashy for the clarified hair, but on tube color looks quite so. If your hair have warm shade, cold ashy tone will suit you as well as possible.
  4. Buy in shop special ashy hair shampoo, using which, you will manage to avoid emergence of yellowness on the head of hear painted in ashy tone. Use it, parting in proportion 1:1 with the usual shampoo, washing the head every other time. Ashy pigments are washed away by usual shampoos from hair very quickly therefore special shampoo will help you to keep such shade of hair for a long time. Over time the pigment will collect in structure of hair, and desired color will longer remain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team