As it is correct to look after teeth in house conditions

As it is correct to look after teeth in house conditions

keep teeth healthy, and smile of attractive, it is necessary to look after oral cavity correctly. For some people leaving consists in daily toothbrushing, but not always it happens enough.

It is no secret, that teeth need to be brushed twice a day - before breakfast and before withdrawal for sleeping. Duration of this procedure has to be not less than 2-3 minutes.

To provide full mouth care, first of all it is necessary to pick up toothbrush. It is the best of all to stop the choice on brush of average rigidity which bristle is made of artificial fibers. You should not forget that after each use, the toothbrush needs to be washed carefully with hot water and to dry, it will prevent emergence and development in it unnecessary bacteria and microorganisms. It is necessary to change this sanitary product at least, than time in half a year. 

Toothpastes there is set: medical, bleaching, preventive or pastes for sensitive teeth. The price and composition of paste do not define degree of its usefulness, the main thing, availability of fluorine in it.

For removal of the remains of food from hard-to-reach spots, it is recommended to apply tooth threads (flossa), they can be got practically in any drugstore. 

Looking after teeth, you should not neglect cleaning of language, in it the raid is also formed and various microorganisms breed. It is possible to clean language reverse side of toothbrush (if there is special scraper) or the handle of tea spoon. To begin to clean language it is necessary from root, accurately moving to tip.

At the end of each toothbrushing conditioner for mouth is used, it prevents formation of dental plaque, refreshes breath, destroys harmful microflora.  

To avoid problems with teeth, it is necessary to follow several rules:

  • not to split teeth nuts, not to open bottle, not to gnaw through thread, fishing line etc.;
  • not to eat food, too contrast on temperature, for example, washing down hot soup with cold juice, it will damage eventually tooth enamel;
  • if there is no opportunity to clean teeth, it is possible to chew chewing gum within 7-10 minutes;
  • to visit the stomatologist at least, than time in 6 months even if there are no obvious problems with teeth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team