How to part Martini

How to part Martini

Martini - one of the most popular Vermouths. This known Italian wine forms a basis or one of the cocktails making sets. Each type of "Martini" has unique taste and aroma. Vermouth is perfectly combined with a lemon and orange. We will consider types of Martini and popular cocktails from them.


1. Rosso Martini (Martini Rosso) - one of the first Vermouths of Martini. Has saturated red color and has rather big fortress. Rosso is the main component of popular Manhattan cocktail. Structure of cocktail: 75 ml of bourbon, 25 ml of Rosso Martini, 2 drops of Angostura. Mix ingredients in a shaker. Stir up. Decorate cocktailwith cherry of a Maraschino or a lemon dried peel.

2. Byanko's (Martini Byanko) Martini, perhaps, the most popular of types of Martini among women. Vermouth has no that fortress that Rosso, and here the bitterish smack of a wormwood in combination with vanilla notes does wine really unique. The most known cocktail of Byanko is a Vesper cocktail. Structure: 5 ml of ExtraDry Martini, 5 ml of "Bianco", 40 ml of gin, 15 ml of vodka, lemon segment, floor of a tea spoon of a lemon dried peel and ice. Mix drinks and pour in a glass with ice, add a lemon dried peel and mix everything a spoon. Decorate a glass with lemon segment.

3. Martini Extra Scrub (Martini Extra Dry) – dry high-quality Vermouth. I received the special popularity "thanks to" the agent 007 as exactly on the basis of this type of Martini to prepare favourite drink of James Bond – "Dry by Martini". Structure of cocktail: 55 ml. gin, 15 ml. Extra Dry Martini, ice. Put ice in a shaker, pour gin and Martini. Carefully stir up a shaker and filter cocktail in a glass for Martini. Decorate cocktail with olive.

4. Martini to Rose (Martini Rose) - the sweet gentle drink having soft, slightly spiciness and transparent pink color. On an equal basis with other Vermouths this wine represents luxury and style. With this kind of Martini the most popular cocktail is Martini with Champagne cocktail. Structure: 100 ml of the cooled semi-sec champagne, 50 ml of Rose Martini, 10 ml of strawberry syrup. Put an ice cube in a high glass, fill in syrup. From above to pour some Martini, over Martini it is careful that drinks didn't mix up, to fill in champagne.

5. Martini Bitter (Martini Bitter) the strongest of family of Martini – 25%. It is made of bigger quantity of herbs, than other Martini, and it in combination with the increased fortress gives to Vermouth special bitterness and an original, saturated bouquet. That Amerikano is cocktail which basis is Martini Bitter. Structure: 25 ml of Rosso Martini, 25 ml of Bitter Martini, 150 ml of soda. Fill a glass half with ice. Fill in all ingredients and issue lemon zest.

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