How to prepare chicken potroshka for pea soup

How to prepare chicken potroshka for pea soup

Pea soup - one of the most tasty and useful. Peas well influence a metabolism in an organism. Peas contain useful also nutritive matters. Especially the squirrel is a lot of in it therefore soups from bean are recommended to those who adheres in vegetarianism food.

It is required to you

  • Chicken potroshka.


1. Hearts, stomachs and a liver belong to chicken giblets. The liver in preparation of soups is used seldom therefore we won't consider preparation of a liver.

2. If chicken potroshka were frozen, then before preparation they need to be defrozen. It is the best of all to get refrigerated meat in advance that it gradually thawed and didn't give juice as it is required to cut and wash out it. After potroshka were defrozen, you pass to the following step.

3. After a defrosting of a potroshka it is necessary to wash out. If you have chicken ventricles, then they need to be washed out more carefully, turning out them. Because on stomachs there can be inside a rigid film which can spoil your dish. Also attentively examine stomachs regarding residues of bile, it is very bitter. It also should be removed carefully.

4. In case stomachs of the big sizes got to you, then before putting them in soup, it is worth boiling previously them separately within half an hour on slow fire. Only don't close a pan a cover, otherwise broth will escape on a plate.

5. If in chicken giblets there are hearts - that them needs to be cut after washing in half to remove residues of blood inside.

6. At preparation in pots in an oven of a potroshka it is possible to fry previously on a desi, it will impact to soup creamy relish. When roasting add to potroshka black or allspice, it will disclose aroma of chicken.

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