How to prepare the stuffed bulbs with carrots and cheese

How to prepare the stuffed bulbs with carrots and cheese

The unusual dish – the onions stuffed with carrots and cheese can become a fine garnish on your holiday table. This original vegetarian dish which can be used and in itself.

It is required to you

  • 16 average bulbs
    • 300 grams of carrots
    • 20 grams of a soft cheese
    • half of a lemon
    • two garlic gloves
    • 20 grams of flour
    • 20 milliliters of olive oil
    • salt


1. Begin preparation with cleaning of carrots, garlic and onions. Then accurately cut carrots with thin-thin straws, and crush garlic. For this purpose it is possible to use special adaptation – the spadefoot. The lemon half is required to you to squeeze out from it juice which then surely filter.

2. If you have no double boiler, then to make onions, put on fire a pan with previously gathered water and bring to the boil. Fix over a pan a gauze (better to make it in advance not to burn) and when water begins to boil, put on a gauze of a bulb and cover a pan. It is possible to use the mesh colander suitable on diameter. They have to be steamed within fifteen minutes. Then lay out bulbs in a colander (if they not in it yet) and let's water and juice flow down.

3. Very accurately cut off the top part at bulbs and carefully pull out core from each of them, for convenience take a teaspoon. At you a peculiar glass with walls no more than two-three onions leaves thick has to turn out. Crush the taken core.

4. Then in a frying pan pour olive oil, warm it and lay out garlic, carrots there and everything that you pulled out from bulbs. All this mix has to be fried thoroughly a little. Then in this mix pour out flour and lemon juice and also add salt and pepper. Well mix everything and extinguish frying pan contents approximately within fifteen minutes.

5. After the expiration of the specified time add a soft cheese to the made vegetables and again mix everything. You need to fill with the turned-out mix all bulbs. Send all this to an oven for five minutes. The oven has to be in advance warmed up to 125-150 wasps. As soon as the stuffed bulbs are ready, they can be placed on a big flat dish and to take out to a table. As addition mayonnaise or sour cream in separate vases perfectly will approach. Also bulbs can be strewed with very small cut greens from above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team