How to repair a floor from laminate

How to repair a floor from laminate

On laminate often there are such defects as scratches, cracks and chips. Advice of servicemen of floor coverings will help to disguise them by means of inexpensive and available means.


1. Laminate – one of the most inexpensive coverings which is capable to give to the room a stylish modern look. But, unfortunately, it isn't so durable. Before works on its repair it is necessary to clean a floor from dust and dirt carefully.

2. Scratches on laminate are one of the most widespread troubles which happen to this finishing material. Scratches on it arise the more simply, than this floor covering is cheaper. It is possible to eliminate such defect by means of a wax pencil which is on sale in departments of furniture accessories. Color of pencils is different therefore it is necessary to choose that which is closest to color scheme of laminate.

3. It is necessary to consider that wax pencils are soft and firm. For elimination of scratches on this floor covering it will be required firm. Before works, wax needs to be warmed. For this purpose it is possible to use the lighter or the gas stove. Then damage needs to be jammed: as if "shade" a scratch with wax. There is one more way to eliminate such defect: by means of repair set for laminate. In its structure there is a special putty made on the basis of wax which color can be a miscellaneous too. It is applied on a scratch by means of rags and rubbed in a surface of a floor covering until the defect doesn't disappear or won't become hardly noticeable.

4. On sale there are special restoring structures for laminate. On the consistence they remind putty for scratches. But carry out not only visual, but also protective function. Color of structure is selected according to a floor covering. Before works the crack needs to be cleaned carefully from dirt and dust (it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner). Then deepening is filled with the covering mix so that it formed a whole with a floor surface.

5. Deep damages on laminate can be closed up the masking structure too, but the appearance of a floor after such repair leaves much to be desired. Masters advise in these cases to use putties on the basis of epoxy resin or to use directly epoksidka. If it is necessary, it can be tinted by means of a color. The same treats also restoration of a surface of a floor with chips. These damages need to be leveled previously so as far as it is possible, to clean from dirt and dust and to fill in with a layer of epoxy resin. The result of work in many respects depends on that, color of putty or a color is how correctly chosen.

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