How to win against hunger

How to win against hunger

Fight against hunger during weight loss – big delusion. Hunger warns that stocks of an organism ran low, and energy is required. Therefore that there were no failures in fight against excess weight, it is necessary to eat. But one of important conditions: eat less, than you spend.

Adjust food

Strong hunger in the evening – a consequence of subalimentation during the day. A light breakfast, unsweetened yogurt for lunch and a cup of coffee on having a snack not sign of strong will. Day of such poor food will inevitably lead to overeating in the evening. It is necessary to eat evenly and regularly. For breakfast give preference to porridges. Having a snack (second breakfast) and a lunch have to be also nourishing. By 16 o'clock you have to use about 60% of a daily diet. It is useful to have supper meat or seafood with vegetables. If to sleep you go to bed late, then it is possible to drink a glass of kefir. But anyway the last meal has to be in 1.5-2 hours prior to a dream.

Of course, everyone will have very individual diet. Distributes the main thing the daily allowance калораж. Light hunger is quite admissible in the evening.

It is less than calories, but it is more than food

Saturation of an organism comes first of all from food volume. As a rule, in the same quantity of food the number of calories a miscellaneous. Therefore it is necessary to include as much as possible vegetables in the diet. In addition, carbohydrates from vegetables are soaked up more slowly, glucose comes to blood gradually, the feeling of hunger results not quickly.

Not be nervous

Most of people jam a stress food. Food becomes means of calm. That it didn't occur, change reaction to a stress. If you feel what pulls to the fridge, switch attention. You are at home, then put on and go on the street. At office – make warm-up. As a last resort chew chewing gum. The physical activity or the monotonous movement reduces stress, and thoughts of a food already not so annoy.

Drink water

The person for 70% consists of water therefore water is necessary for us. However we not always feel when it is necessary to fill up its stocks. Because of it it is possible to confuse feeling of thirst with feeling of hunger. In addition dehydration of an organism is followed by feeling sick. That it didn't occur, during the day, small drinks, it is necessary to drink on average 1.5 liters of water. Also water helps to start exchange processes that wasn't with an organism having bungled, and skin didn't lose a healthy look.

Get enough sleep

Long "sleep debt" can cause discord in work of hormones – a grelin, leptin and melatonin. The sleep deficit affects these hormones absolutely the same as a lack of food. The organism has a stress and on "any case" starts fat accumulation process. And that fat was laid quicker, грелин and leptin awaken appetite. Level of melatonin decreases and the person recovers. Therefore the full-fledged dream, lasting 7-8 hours, promotes not only to good health, but also weight loss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team