Natural burners of fat

Natural burners of fat

Natural "burners" of fat quite eloquently speak for themselves. These are the products capable to fight in a human body against excess fatty deposits. However, they, certainly, won't give instant effect, but in the long term can bring considerable benefit and accelerate weight loss process.

The thought that for effective weight loss it is necessary to limit considerably itself in consumption of food or at all for a while is incorrect to refuse food in a root. On the contrary, if you dream to lose weight without harm for health, it is enough to eat only the necessary products which promote combustion of fat. In essence are those products which are capable to adjust a metabolism in an organism and to promote weight reduction.

So what products it is accepted to call "zhiroszhigatel" and how it is correct to eat them?

Fruit and berries

Here carry those products which are initially rich with vitamin C. It is possible to distinguish grapefruit which promotes considerable decrease in cholesterol from them and also can bring the saved-up slags and toxins out of an organism.

Grapefruit is known also that it is capable of a long time to block appetite and to satisfy hunger that, in turn, promotes combustion of excess fat in an organism. At the same time in day it is enough to eat only couple of such grapefruits or to drink 200-300 grams of fresh juice, having provided to an organism natural cleaning. Once you also pay attention to such products, a papaya, a wild strawberry, strawberry, blackcurrant and pineapple. Last of which though not that was dethroned "burners" of fat long ago, nevertheless is not less effective fruit in this question. It can not only satisfy feeling of hunger, but also promotes digestion of heavy proteinaceous food.

Protein products

To the protein products capable it is effective to burn fat, carry egg white, fish, a turkey, light chicken meat and also fermented milk products. It is difficult to present how they can be "zhiroszhigatel", however they contain amino acid under the name a carnitine which delivers fat molecules in cellular mitochondrions for further power generation. Besides, digesting proteins, the human body spends for them much more calories. It is necessary to include without fail in the pokhudatelny menu the products containing calcium such as low-fat cottage cheese. It was proved that calcium promotes considerable combustion of fat in an organism. And that which contains in lactic products is best of all acquired. Besides, cottage cheese contains one more useful component – casein. Thanks to it, the organism produces much less insulin, the hormone which is responsible for implementation of fat stocks in an organism.


Kind of paradoxically it sounded, but to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to include fats in the diet without fail. In this case the irreplaceable polyunsaturated fatty acids promoting improvement of a metabolism are considered as useful fats. They have to come to an organism with food without fail as can't independently be synthesized in it. Such acids contain in fat grades of fish, nuts and also in vegetable oils.

Other products

There is still an impressive list of the products promoting combustion of fat in an organism, each of which is useful in own way. For example, a green tea has beneficial influence on processes of metabolism in an organism. Onions and garlic help to lose weight due to impact on a hypothalamus responsible for acceleration of a metabolism. Hot spices, for example such as, a black pepper and red paprika, also promote fast combustion of fat, stimulate sweating. So that to lose weight, you don't need to exhaust yourself with long hunger strikes or overseas diets at all, it is enough to eat only the necessary products and also not to neglect some physical exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team