Pumpkin seed oil - application and useful properties

Pumpkin seed oil - application and useful properties

In Austria the production of a pumpkin seed oil arose. Even in ancient times this product was carried to expensive. Some hundred grams of oil equated to the price of a massive ring from pure gold. The high price of this product was caused by expensive production of raw materials and need of use of unique technologies. To receive one liter of this oil, eco-friendly seeds which three kilograms will be taken are necessary. And for this purpose the impressive number of pumpkins is required.

Useful properties of a pumpkin seed oil

The oil prepared from pumpkin sunflower seeds has specific aroma, but at the same time pretty pleasant. Owing to refined gustatory qualities the product is considered the most tasty of all existing oils. For this reason it finds quite broad application in many countries of the world.

Almost all groups vitamin, minerals and minerals are a part of the well-known pumpkin seed oil. Its useful qualities are concluded that the product includes the content of substances biologically active, being incredibly important, for human health.

Areas of application

The pumpkin seed oil has available a huge range of merits. First, it represents itself magnificent antioxidant, an immunostimulator. Secondly, oil is capable to suspend serious processes of inflammatory character at diseases of airways, diseases of an urinogenital system, cystitis. Thirdly, the product has the healing and calming effect on the centers of various skin diseases and burns, reducing pain and inflammation. Oil is capable to heal deep cuts and different wounds within 5-7 days of use.

Application of a pumpkin seed oil in cosmetology

Means is actively applied in cosmetology, the basis as restoring, regenerating and softening on skin care (especially behind mature). The protective and moistening pumpkin Max's properties restore loss of moisture in cages, doing skin elastic and velvety. This product actively struggles with acne rash on a face. The beautiful and well-groomed view will help to give to hands pumpkin seed oil. The dry and cracked skin is restored and becomes humidified, nails take healthier form and color, their structure is restored and growth of a plate becomes more active. Thanks to high content in oil of zinc and vitamin E it is possible to change a condition of the hair considerably. The product from pumpkin seeds treats seborrhea and dandruff, promotes growth of hair and also adds to curls healthy gloss.

Advantage of a pumpkin seed oil for an alimentary system

All means which part the pumpkin seed oil is are capable to improve working processes of a gall bladder and also to have a positive impact on a condition of a liver. The substances which are a part of a product are capable to restore to normalize zhelcheotdeleniye. Also they can slow down processes of inflammatory character in biliary tract and in a liver. Respectively, the oil use inside perfectly will help at an urolithic disease, cholecystitis and viral hepatitis. All useful properties of a product will find application at alcoholic damage of a liver. For example, at such dreadful disease as cirrhosis. There are in a pumpkin seed oil and such substances which will be capable to have the healing effect on mucous intestines. It both linoleic, and linolenic acid. From all aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this product should be applied in complex treatment and prevention of such diseases as: gastritis; colitis; stomach ulcer; enterokolit; ezofagit.

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