How to distinguish pseudo-dietary products

How to distinguish pseudo-dietary products

The spring already practically on a threshold and most of girls starts over again losing weight. Sweet, fat, smoked and other goodies are hided on distant shelves, and for food only the most useful dietary products.

Most of us are very inspired and, having heard on TV about absolutely harmless having a snack, runs in the nearest shop behind superhealthy food. And whether food which we got used to consider dietary is so useful?

Protein bars

They are offered us as an alternative to sweeties, promising as a part of squirrels, cellulose and it isn't enough calories. Actually, the majority of proteinaceous bars contains 2-3 times more fats, than sweet corn sticks. On the present dietary bar contains no more than 180 kcal and 5 g of fat on 100 grams of weight (not on a tile!).


If to trust advertizing, then yogurt just irreplaceable supplier of calcium in an organism. Actually in industrial yogurts with a big expiration date it is possible to find excess of fats, sugar and gelatin. Live yogurts without additives, reckon with an expiration date no more than 10 days as really useful.

Bread from wholegrain wheat

White loaf - a taboo for all losing weight, in a priority small loafs and buns from wholegrain wheat. Actually, absolutely not very well, from what flour the bakery goods is prepared, even a coarse flour contains gluten which causes accustoming and slows down weight loss processes.

Light mayonnaise

Often on counters it is possible to see light mayonnaise sauce which practically doesn't contain calories. The great gas station for salad, seems at first sight. But in such sauces the increased content of food salt. In couple of spoons all standard daily rate of chloride of sodium, that is in other dishes it is necessary to refuse salt, otherwise hypostases are provided.


The majority of losing weight got used to replace a desi with fat-free margarine because it contains less calories. This is true, but in addition margarine contains the mass of transgenic fats which will lead to the raised cholesterol in blood and to cardiovascular diseases over time.

Before choosing a dietary product, it is necessary to study its structure attentively. The attention should be paid not only to product caloric content, but also to the fats which are contained in it, proteins, carbohydrates, dyes, fragrances, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team