Secrets of preparation of apple jam

Secrets of preparation of apple jam

Bread after the cheerful game reckoned with jam at children as the most tasty food. Who as not the grandmother was able to make this delicacy on the for years for the checked recipes. In its recipe-book the set of secrets is kept. Having used some of them, it is possible to prepare faultless to taste, fragrant apple jam.

The Polish housewives who learned couples centuries ago in the special way to uvarivat puree from plums or apples of certain grades to a condition of very dense weight are considered as Izobretatelnitsami as "powidla". For long time apple jam became an irreplaceable dessert of Slavic cuisine. There are several dozen of recipes of its preparation excellent from each other.  

Culinary cunnings

The hostess wishing to master art of preparation of jam has to know:

For apple jam choose a grade of the apples sweet-sour on taste, with a thin peel.

Apples of red color will give appetizing color to ready delicacy.

The taste of a dish directly depends on aroma of the chosen apples therefore jam from not fragrant apples will have ill-defined taste.

That jam left very dense, it is necessary to leave a peel on apple slices.

The density of jam depends also on duration of its boiling.

The smell of jam can be strengthened spicery among which prefer cinnamon, a carnation or allspice.

The sweet of jam is advised to regulate by means of lemon juice which can be added in a small amount to a dessert.  

How to make independently classical apple jam

It is possible to try the hand in preparation of jam from apples, having taken the minimum set of ingredients as a basis:

  • Apples sweet-sour - 1 kg.
  • Sugar - 800 g.
  • Boiled water of room temperature - a half-glass.  

The chosen apples should be washed up, cut carefully on quarters, to remove a core and the damaged sites. Having done this work, apples crush thin segments.

Apple slices stack in a pan or a basin from aluminum or copper and fill in with water.

Ware with apples is put on a plate and brought to the boil. Having waited for boiling of weight, fire is reduced and cook apple segments, stirring slowly, for half an hour.

When slices of apples become soft, remove ware from fire and allow apples to cool down absolutely.

The cooled-down segments fray through a sieve or turn into homogeneous mass by means of the submersible blender.

The received puree is put in already used capacity and, having put on fire, wait when it begins to boil. Having reduced fire, puree is cooked before full evaporation of liquid then enter the amount of sugar specified in the recipe.

Ready jam can be preserved for the future in previously sterilized banks or, cooled down, to eat together with fancy bread.

Apple jam will be to the taste to all members of household who with pleasure will try it behind a tea drinking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team