Than jam from a feijoa is useful

Than jam from a feijoa is useful

The feijoa is an exotic fruit from South America. This green fruit has a little oblong shape, juicy pulp with the unusual taste similar at the same time both on a kiwi, and on a wild strawberry, and on pineapple.

From these berries great tasty jam which is also useful existence of minerals, important for a human body, turns out.

Caloric content

In itself the feijoa has low nutritional value (55 kcal on 100 g). And here the caloric content of jam from feijoa berries in many respects depends on amount of granulated sugar which caloric content is much bigger — 399 kcal in 100 g.

As in our recipe the ratio of sugar and fruits goes 1 to 1, at simple calculation we will see that the caloric content of our preparation will be 227 kcal.

It is important! To appreciate a feijoa, it is necessary to eat only ripe fruits. They are most useful. On sale on counters of shop often it is possible to meet a little immature product. Fortunately, these berries have property to ripen. After acquisition for preparation of jam, it is necessary to leave them for several days before full maturing until they become softish.

Than jam from a feijoa is useful

This exotic fruit contains many useful minerals and vitamins. It contains a lot of vitamin C and also group B vitamins, tocopherol, carotinoids, vitamins K and SS. But its most useful property consists in the high content of organic iodine — in 100 g of ripe berries there are 53 daily doses of this microcell.

Existence of such quantity of an element, important for functioning of an endocrine system, does a feijoa by the valuable product used in dietary food. Especially it is important for those areas where the population tests yododefitsit and has problems with a thyroid gland.

Whether you know? The lack of iodine of food, pregnancy, radiation and an unhealthy way of life (smoking and alcohol) is the frequent reasons of the yododefitsit. Especially it should be noted a lack of selenium among such reasons — without this microcell iodine just is not acquired by an organism. Therefore if the shortage of selenium became the reason of the yododefitsit, then the drugs of iodine are taken with selenium medicines. In food most of all it is in Brazil nuts (34 daily doses in 100 g).

Among mineral elements there are also a potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. As a part of a product there are replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids, sterols, an omega fats and also cellulose, sucrose, pectin and apple acid.

The jam from a feijoa made without cooking keeps all these useful minerals. It strengthens the immune system, is excellent prevention of catarrhal and viral diseases, it is very useful for those who suffer a shortage of iodine. Jam from a feijoa well helps at inflammatory processes with digestive system, atherosclerosis. In berries of this fruit there are minerals which are good prevention and means of fight against cancer diseases.

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How to prepare: the recipe without cooking

In lack of heat treatment, the berries ground with sugar perfectly keep all the usefulness. Many so prepare raspberry, strawberry and other berry cultures.

The preparation prepared thus from a feijoa is stored in the freezer where will not lose the valuable substances, besides will be tasty and fragrant addition in your diet. It is quickly defrozen (within 15–20 minutes).

For health it is used on one teaspoon a day, it is possible to eat with fritters or pancakes also.

Kitchen stock

Quickly the following stock will help to make crude jam from a feijoa for us:

  • the blender with a bowl;
  • wooden spoon for hashing of jam;
  • the capacious glass or enameled bowl (or other capacity);
  • plastic sudochka with covers for storage in the freezer.

It is the best of all to take small tanks, of 250 ml. It is possible to use instead of them sterile banks with lids and to store such jam on the shelf in the refrigerator.

Whether you know? Feijoas for the first time found and described in Brazil at the end of the 19th century. Now it is grown up willingly in camps of the Mediterranean, in France, the USA, the Crimea and many other places with subtropical climate. At the fruits which are grown up on the sea coast, concentration of iodine reaches the maximum.


For preparation of jam from a feijoa without cooking use the following products:

  • fresh feijoas — 1 kg;
  • sugar — 1 kg.

From this amount of ingredients 6 full plastic sudochok with a capacity of 250 ml turn out.

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Preparation process

When cooking jam from ground with sugar of a feijoa the following operations are performed:

  1. Fruits are washed, allow to dry up, clean tops from pedicels.
  2. Berries cut lengthways on 4 parts and place in a blender bowl. If there is no electric grinder, it is possible to use the meat grinder.
  3. Pieces of fruits crush the blender to the necessary consistence.
  4. The received berry weight is well mixed a wooden spoon with sugar to homogeneous mass.
  5. To jam 15 minutes that sugar of mute was dissolved allow to stand.
  6. Weight is displayed on plastic containers and put in the freezer.

How to make jam from a feijoa: video

Contraindications and harm

Jam from a feijoa is completely natural product. It practically cannot do harm to a human body.

However, there are also some contraindications:

  • diabetes. After all jam contains sugar therefore this product is undesirable to diabetics;
  • at a gipertireoza (owing to an iodine surplus);
  • individual intolerance.

Important! High content of iodine does this product very useful but for this reason it should be used in small amounts as the surplus of iodine can do much harm to an organism.

The jam from a feijoa made without cooking completely keeps all usefulness of berries, their taste and aroma. For its preparation it is necessary to use the ripe or ripened in room conditions fruits. For daily improving reception it should be used in small amounts.

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